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A SUN Movement Tribute to Dr. Nasreen Khan of Bangladesh

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On behalf of the SUN Movement, it is with a heavy heart that we share news that Dr.Nasreen Khan, long-time Deputy Programme Manager of the National Nutrition Services and SUN Technical Advisor in the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, has passed away.


Nasreen was a true champion for improving nutrition – not only in Bangladesh, but all over the world. Her personal drive, commitment and belief that a mutli-stakeholder and multi-sector approach – is the only approach to ending malnutrition, was infectious and she made everyone feel it was possible. She inspired all around her.

When we talk about nutrition champions – she embodied everything that a champion should be. She helped convene sectors, when few saw the value in it – and was a formidable advocate for ensuring Bangladesh’s response to the issue of malnutrition was holistic, involving the action of many.

Nasreen consulted, widely with passion and energy. Facilitating advocacy workshops, leading Behaviour Change Communication Working Group discussions, leading the charge on the National Nutrition Policy, convening journalist workshops to monitor the BMS code, collaborating on the National Plan of Action for Nutrition – was all in a day’s work for Nasreen. She truly believed that every stakeholder-be it government, civil society, business, parliament, United Nations agencies, donors – all have a significant contribution to make. Therefore, she gave her time generously. She listened, challenged and debated vigorously with everyone who knocked on her door. When there weren’t enough office hours in the day, she’d continue the discussions late into the night over a cup of tea.

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Nasreen was a powerful voice for nutrition globally and her words and enduring commitment will guide others for many years to come. Her passion was infectious and you could always count on her to rally a room full of people with some colourful words:

“We have to put lipstick on nutrition. Make it sexy.”

“We need more trust, more commitment and more champions. Nutrition is not about investment, it is about political will.”

On behalf of the SUN Movement we extend our deepest sympathies to Nasreen’s family, friends and all the people she inspired so much. Nasreen – you are an inspiration and your work and flair for life will long be remembered.


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  • Roxana Quader | Sep 12, 2016 at

    Dr Nasreen was not only my junior colleagues but she was like my younger sister as well. She worked as my Technical Adviser for two and half years. We worked together very closely.
    She was an expert in Nutrition and was extremely devoted to SUN and to her work. I pray for her departed soul. I feel like I have lost a sister. May she rest in eternal peace.

  • Shamim Talukder | Sep 13, 2016 at

    Dear Nutrition Friends,
    Nasreen Khan did not die. It’s not true that Mrs. Nasreen Khan is dead in nutrition field, she is still alive for her contribution for nutrition.
    Dear Friend, I hope you believe that Nasreen Khan will join with us again to take forward our agenda for improving nutrition after Eid Holidays. I like to think it is a misunderstood that she died. She can’t die as under nutrition still same status in Bangladesh, still Bangladesh is one of the country among highest under nutrition children and women, moreover we are having more and more over nutrition problem.
    You all know, she is the most promising leader in nutrition arena of Bangladesh, she is bold, committed, she is the young leader with intellectually in-depth knowledge, capable to lead a country movement, technically terrible, she knows the art of presentation, she knows the culture beyond the tradition. A person and a leader can not die without finishing of her all responsibilities.
    The news as we got “She passed away after a sudden attack of MI after angiogram” clearly mentioned that she did not die, rather she is acting for us, she is asking us to play our role properly to prevent malnutrition, whether under nutrition as well as over nutrition. Please, analyze the message which she mentioned by the news about her, we need to act for long term impact of malnutrition, she encouraged us to act together for under nutrition and over nutrition.
    Nasreen is my younger colleague in nutrition field, most honest and dynamic leader. Nasreen can’t and will not die till we finish her unfinished job, till we can not fulfill her commitment for nutrition. So, we should congratulate her to show us the pathway for future nutrition activities in Bangladesh.
    Dear Nutrition Friends,
    Update news is Nasreen Khan will join with our nutrition activities after Eid holidays in a new manner, she will exist in all nutrition activities and all nutrition movement. Moreover, we can define the name of Nasreen as nutrition movement.
    On behave of Eminence with permission from Additional Secretary, Public Health and World Health, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Bangladesh, I like to request Nasreen Khan to make a position paper on partnership scopes and best solution to prevent and manage double burden of malnutrition in Bangladesh to submit in the upcoming United Nations General Assembly. We can submit it to our Honorable Prime Minister to raise the issue during her statement in the UNGA.
    Dear Nasreen, hope you will structure it and share all nutrition stakeholders of Bangladesh as well as globally on the next working day. I know only you can do it.
    Greetings and lets start our action for nutrition.

    Nutrition means Nasreen.
    Best wish for Nutrition and Nasreen.

  • Shafayat Khan | Sep 14, 2016 at

    Thanks SUN Movement for paying this tribute to my sister Nasreen Khan. She was too passionate about nutrition and public health to see a healthier Bangladesh and a healthier world. She was so passionate that ignored her health to make more time for work. From my capacity, I vow to support her cause. I as a volunteer involved in the scouts movement, talked about youth engagement for taking care of nutrition issues in Bangladesh. I will pursue that to the best of my ability in Bangladesh Scouts. I might need some of your help. Hopefully, I shall get support. #vowfornutrition

    Shafayat Khan
    Deputy National Commissioner, Bangladesh Scouts NHQ.