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SUN Movement MPTF Management Committee reviews most recent proposals

  |   MPTF, SUN Civil Society Network

The most recent SUN Multi-Partner Trust Fund (MPTF) call for proposal under the fund’s ‘window 2’ (which supports civil society organization alliances) closed on November 11, 2013.  On 27 November, members of the SUN Movement MPTF Management Committee met to review the proposals.

Altogether 83 proposals were submitted. During an initial screening process, proposals were eliminated if:

a) they originated from countries that are not members of the Movement for Scaling Up Nutrition (non-SUN Countries) and/or from SUN countries within which Civil Society alliances have previously received funding from the MPTF

b) they originated from an individual organization (rather than a collaborative effort)

c) they did not include all the information requested in the application guidelines or

d) they lacked a clear indication that in-country UN system actors and/or the SUN government focal point were fully involved in their development

By the application of these criteria, 17 proposals qualified to be further assessed by the SUN MPFT Management Committee on 27 November 2013. The proposals include:


1. Burundi: Strengthening Civil Society’s Role in Scaling Up Nutrition in Burundi

2. El Salvador: Movilizacion de la sociedad civil para la erradicacion de la malnutricion con un abordaje integral, intersectorial y de genero

3. Guinea: Appui à la mobilisation de la société civile pour le renforcement de la nutrition en Guinée

4. Ivory Coast: “Plein feu sur la nutrition en Côte d’Ivoire”

5. Kenya:  Mobilizing Civil Society in Kenya to champion Scaling up Nutrition

6. Kyrgyz Republic: Creating of enabling environment/structural support to improve nutrition for the sake of justice and future generations in the Kyrgyz Republic

7. Lao DPR: SUN CSA in Lao PDR

8. Madagascar: HINA – Plateforme de la Société Civile SUN

9. Myanmar: Establishing a Civil Society Alliance to Scale Up Nutrition in Myanmar

10. Nigeria: Mobilizing Civil Societies to Scale Up Nutrition in Nigeria

11. Peru: Accion concertada por la nutricion Infantil

12. Rwanda: NGOs/CSOs alliance in Rwanda

13. Senegal: Support the good governance of nutrition and food security in Senegal and monitor SUN commitments

14. Sierra Leone: The Establishment of a Coordinated and Mobilized Civil Society Platform in Sierra Leone in Support of the Scaling Up Nutrition Movement

15. Sri Lanka: Formation of Civil Society Alliance (CSA) that supports to make Sri Lanka a nourished nation

16. Zimbabwe: Supporting civil society organisations in realising SUN objectives and commitments in Zimbabwe

27.Global CSO network: Mobilising civil society in support of the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) MOVEMENT – a focus on supporting country civil society efforts and fostering cross-learning towards evidence of impact of the SUN MOVEMENT

The Management Committee agreed to meet again in early 2014 (within the first quarter) to assess proposals coming from the following countries: Burundi; Ivory Coast; Nigeria; Rwanda; and Senegal provided they comply with MPTF rules. These were set-aside as they lacked important information –on analysis- that prevented the Committee to take decisions. 

The Committee instructed the SUN Movement MPTF Chair to follow up bilaterally with applicants to be communicated the decisions taken by the Committee. For eligible proposals that receive support from the SUN Movement MPTF, all relevant information will be disclosed on MPTF and SUN websites in December 2013.

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