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SUN Networks and technical agencies meet and collectively build knowledge on costing and financial tracking

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On the 16 July 2014, a conference call was organized among participants from the SUN global Networks and from specialized technical agencies to follow-up on the Nairobi Workshop on Costing and Financial Tracking held in November 2013. The agenda included stock-taking of national-level costing exercises as well as assessment on the current status of financial tracking of domestic and external resources. Different methodologies and tools are already available to countries to assist in costing of interventions for scaling up of nutrition efforts. Methodologies to accelerate tracking of Government resources for nutrition were also discussed and key lessons learnt were shared by the Donor Network on their agreed methodology to track donor resources for nutrition. The main outcome from this conference call was to build agreement on the methodologies that will be commonly used and to discuss next steps in costing and financial tracking leading up to the SUN Movement Global Gathering in November 2014.


Agenda Item
I. Introduction
Objectives and expectations
Sue Horton
II. Stock taking
Presentations on support that has been provided to countries and a list of countries that have received this support
MQSUN (Helen Connolly)
FAO (Bibi Gyose)
WHO (Kaia Engesveen)
World Bank (Meera Shekar)
III A. Tracking of Government resources on nutrition
Consensus building on methodology and categorization framework based on preliminary findings on analysis of national budgets
OPM (Clara Picanyol)
View Presentation
3-step approach
( en | fr | sp )
Analysis of the fiscal space
CIFF (Jo Lofthouse)
Analysis of national budgets by CSO
CSN (Hugh Bagnall-Oakeley; Save the Children)
III B. Tracking of external resources on nutrition
Key highlights of the Donor Network methodology
Donor Network (Erin; CIDA)
Inclusion (or not) of financial information in stakeholder mapping and monitoring tool
UN Network (Frauke Uekerman; REACH)
IV. Way forward
Summary of Agenda II
Sue Horton
Summary of Agenda IIIA
Clara Picanyol
Summary of Agenda IIIB
Patrizia Fracassi
V. Conclusion and next steps
Sue Horton

Read a summary of the meeting a view the list of participants

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