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The latest wave of COVID-19 is having a devastating impact on children and their families in South Asia

  |   SUN Country Network, SUN UN Network

The UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has launched a USD 164 million appeal for personal protective gear, together with COVID-19 testing and control equipment, to save lives amidst the deadly wave of infections which continues to sweep across South Asia. Across the region of almost 2 billion...

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Landmark contribution from public and private donors to kickstart GFF’s campaign to tackle COVID-19’s secondary health crisis

  |   SUN Country Network, SUN Donor Network

Landmark contribution from public and private donors comes as the governments of Canada and Senegal, along with the World Bank, announce co-hosting role to “reclaim the gains” and mitigate the pandemic’s devastating impacts Public and private donors committed more than USD 200 million to the Global...

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Viet Nam’s national nutrition strategy for 2021-2030: More equitable, resilient, and sustainable food and health systems

  |   SUN Civil Society Network, SUN Country Network

*A blog by Phuong Huynh, the National Institute of Nutrition, and Linh Phan, Alive & Thrive/SUN Civil Society Alliance Viet Nam Viet Nam is at the vanguard of baby and infant development among Southeast Asian countries. Results from a recent national nutrition survey show that Viet...

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Baby Friendly Community Initiative: promoting optimal maternal, infant and young child nutrition in The Gambia

  |   SUN Country Network

The Baby Friendly Community Initiative (BFCI) programme is a comprehensive nutrition and health education package developed by the National Nutrition Agency (NaNA) to improve the health and nutritional status of communities. The concept of the BFCI is based on the UNICEF/WHO global strategic initiative of the...

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Mobilizing ambitious and impactful commitments for mainstreaming nutrition in health systems

  |   SUN Country Network, SUN UN Network

Progress towards good health for all and the health-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is only possible when Universal Health Coverage (UHC) is achieved: when everyone, everywhere has access to health services, without risk of financial ruin or impoverishment. As malnutrition increases the risk of illness and...

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The power of connecting vaccines and good nutrition

  |   SUN Donor Network

*Blog by SUN Movement Coordinator Gerda Verburg on the occasion of Gavi’s third donor pledging conference, the Global Vaccine Summit 2020 The COVID-19 pandemic has brought uncertainties and fears. Families are facing an urgent challenge: how to keep themselves and their children protected and healthy, both physically...

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New brief: Nutrition in Universal Health Coverage

  |   SUN UN Network

The brief provides the reader with information and key messages to transform health systems towards the integration of essential nutrition actions as an important component for achieving quality universal health coverage (UHC). It reinforces the understanding that malnutrition in all its forms threatens the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals...

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