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Private sector consultation forum on the establishment of a nutritional centre of excellence in Somalia

  |   SUN Business Network, SUN Country Network

SUN Movement team in Somalia organised a successful and inclusive consultation forum with Private Sector stakeholders drawn from Academia (comprising Somali National University and private Universities) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Somalia on Establishment of a Nutritional Centre of Excellence (CoE) using a participatory model. The forum provided a platform for gathering diverse stakeholder views and opinions on establishment of the center that will adequately play a strategic role in addressing nutritional-related needs and priorities in Somalia in line with the Global and Somalia SUN Movement Road Maps. The forum focused on defining the vision, purpose and strategy...

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Improving nutrition and food security in Myanmar with the support of FAO

  |   SUN Country Network, SUN UN Network

The Government of Myanmar and the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) today signed a multi-year framework agreement that will create an enabling environment to improve nutrition and food security in Myanmar, while safeguarding and sustainably managing the use of natural resources. The Country Programming Framework...

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Nepal Zero Hunger, a strategic review of food security and nutrition

  |   SUN Country Network, SUN UN Network

For Nepal, ending hunger and improving nutrition for all its citizens will be a significant task, but one that is within its grasp. The country has already made great strides in reducing undernourishment and stunting. However, the prevalence of both are still high and challenges...

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Senegalese civil society takes action to make nutrition a key issue of the presidential election

  |   SUN Civil Society Network, SUN Country Network, SUN UN Network

Senegalese civil society used a press conference in Dakar to challenge candidates in the country's presidential election to be held on 24 February 2019. "The fight against malnutrition is a development imperative," said Mr Seydou Ndiaye, National Coordinator of the Civil Society Organisations Platform for Nutrition...

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Children suffering chronic malnutrition in the eastern province of Cameroon

  |   SUN Civil Society Network, SUN Country Network

According to information provided by the Nutrition Focal Point in the Regional Public Health Department for the Eastern Province, the situation is grim. “Surveys conducted by UNICEF in 2018 indicate that 35.4 percent of children are suffering from chronic malnutrition, resulting in serious growth stunting...

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Gender and nutrition: Canadian knowledge partnership seeks to close the data gap

  |   SUN Donor Network

* Originally published by Nutrition International A new collaboration between Nutrition International (NI), the University of Toronto and the Campbell Collaboration will strengthen the availability and use of high-quality, gender-sensitive data to improve nutrition for women, young children and adolescent girls in low-income countries. The partnership will...

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Côte d’Ivoire launches new Multisectoral Programme on Nutrition and Early Child Development

  |   SUN Civil Society Network, SUN Country Network, SUN Donor Network

Last November the Government of Côte d’Ivoire officially launched its new Multisectoral Programme on Nutrition and Early Child Development. The initiative, which is supported by The Power of Nutrition and the World Bank, is the first large-scale nutrition and early childhood development programme in the country....

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Scaling up rice fortification in West Africa

  |   SUN Civil Society Network, SUN UN Network

* Originally published by Sight and Life In West Africa, the prevalence and impact of micronutrient deficiencies are significant, and anemia, vitamin A deficiency, and iodine deficiency remain of public health concern. For example, every country in the region is off-track to reach the World Health Assembly...

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Nutrition Capacity Assessment anchors multi-sectoral actions to ameliorate Chad’s dire nutrition situation

  |   SUN UN Network

* Originally published by the UN Network for SUN The nutrition statistics for Chad are daunting. According to the 2018 State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World (SOFI) report, child stunting in Chad (39.9 per cent) is climbing, well exceeding the new ‘very high’ population...

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