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SUN Movement new strategy: the Operationalisations Group working on recommendations for the Lead Group

  |   SUN Country Network, SUN Secretariat

The Strategy for SUN (2021-2025), adopted by the SUN Movement Lead Group in December 2020, sets out an ambitious vision to align global efforts to scale up nutrition behind country leadership. The  Operationalisations (OPS) Group has been initiated to support the transition from SUN 2.0...

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A message from the SUN Executive Committee on the SUN Strategy  (2021-2025) Development Process

  |   SUN Country Network

    Substantial progress has been made in the development of the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement Strategy 3.0 (for the period 2021-2025), informed by the Mid-term Review in 2018, the Strategic Review in 2019-2020 and last year’s Global Gathering. Building on these the SUN Movement Executive...

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