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Technical Focal Point in Afghanistan: “SUN is an added value to achieve the Humanitarian Development Nexus”

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Dr. Shams – coordinating the technical secretariat for Afghanistan Food Security and Nutrition Agenda
and technical Focal Point for the SUN Movement

In your role, how do you contribute to bridging the Humanitarian Development gap?

The starting point, for bridging the Humanitarian Development gap is the policy development platform that we are offering both under SUN and the Afghanistan Food security and Nutrition Agenda, bringing people together to discuss different strategies, policy and needs. On the planning level, we develop or prepare the strategic plan, bringing both humanitarian and development programs and actions together. This allows an overall view of the response to achieve our objectives.

SUN is an added value to achieve the Humanitarian Development Nexus (HDN), as it provides the enabling environment, gives political support to the Nexus, and an opportunity for operational and programmatic issues to be discussed by different donors, stakeholders, and implementing partners. They are getting together, they are discussing humanitarian and development aspects of the food security and nutrition. They are bringing their expertise and joint actions to improve the food security and nutrition in Afghanistan.

Who are the humanitarian actors that contribute to the MSP?

We have the Nutrition cluster, Food Security Cluster, WASH cluster, IPC and FEWS Net and NGOs with us. To be honest, we have to improve on the regularity, the presence and the contribution. Attending the Global Nutrition Cluster meeting was a wake-up call for me to engage more humanitarian partners on the Humanitarian Development agenda.

The HDN is relatively a new concept in Afghanistan. Some people are working in this direction already, but a lot still need time to digest, observe and understand the importance of this nexus. Overall, the discussion is only starting but the environment and platforms are in place, so this is positive. People do realize the need for the nexus and understand they need to work together, especially when it comes to the recent discussion we had on water-scarcity, food insecurity and famine in Afghanistan. So this is already an achievement in my view as many of these humanitarian and development partners are getting together and are discussing short, mid and long term prototypes and on early data, early financing and early actions.


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