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The 15th meeting of the network of SUN government Focal Points

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From 1 September 2014, the SUN Movement Secretariat held the 15th meeting of the network of SUN Government focal Points. The thematic discussion for the meeting was “Strengths and challenges of the SUN Monitoring and Evaluation Framework and the self-assessment workshops”. The latest meeting involved nine two hour teleconferences: Five in English, three in French, and one in Spanish. The meeting brought together over 250 particpants from 45 SUN countries. Participants included representatives from government, the UN system, civil society, donors and academics.

The 2014 Monitoring Exercise builds on the Monitoring and Evaluation Framework of the SUN Movement, published in 2013. In 2014, for the first time, 37 SUN countries conducted self-assessments using the guidance material provided by the Secretariat and completed a summary table of their progress. The results have been collated and used to develop the 2014 Compendium of Country Profiles of the SUN Movement Annual Progress Report which will be launched at the SUN Global Gathering 2014 in Rome in November. Through the teleconference, SUN multi-stakeholder platforms were invited to reflect on the relevance of the exercise and it’s a appropriateness to assess the functioning of the multi-stakeholder platforms in their countries.

The aim of the discussion was to inform and adapt the monitoring system of the SUN Movement in 2015 to make it more reflective of the progress, challenges and expectations of SUN countries as they progress towards the four SUN strategic objectives.

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