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The Breastfeeding Advocacy Toolkit, by the Global Breastfeeding Collective

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The Breastfeeding Advocacy Toolkit is intended to ensure stakeholders are able to easily access and use advocacy tools aimed at improving policies and financing for the protection, promotion, and support of breastfeeding.

The Toolkit is an initiative of the Global Breastfeeding Collective. Led by UNICEF and WHO, the Collective is a partnership of over 20 international organizations with the goal of increasing investment and policy change to support breastfeeding worldwide, which requires advocacy at the global, national, and sub-national levels.

The Collective’s vision is a world in which all mothers have the technical, financial, emotional, and public support they need to start breastfeeding within an hour of a child’s birth, to breastfeed exclusively for six months, and to continue breastfeeding, with complementary foods, for two years or beyond. The Collective’s mission is to rally political, legal, financial, and public support, so rates of breastfeeding increase, which will benefit mothers, children, and society.

The Toolkit will provide a central platform for tools and resources for breastfeeding advocates and other stakeholders specific to the Collective’s seven policy actions:

Breastfeeding Advocacy Toolkit – here

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