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The first-ever checklist for quality national nutrition plans is launched

  |   SUN Lead Group and Secretariat, SUN UN Network


On 19 December 2016, the UN Network for SUN and the SUN Movement Secretariat launched a checklist for good national nutrition plans, the first of its kind.

There is strong consensus that harmonised support to national processes is a prerequisite for sustainable development. However, no standards or guidance has been made available to define what constitutes quality nutrition plans, which has led to the development of this Checklist. Designed for policymakers, based in national planning bodies and line ministries, nutrition stakeholders involved in planning processes, as well as independent reviewers, this checklist aims to assist the systematic review of existing multi-sectoral nutrition plans and other nutrition-related sectoral planning documents, and, in parallel, it serves as a complementary guiding tool in the development of new plans.

The checklist will be shared with the 57 SUN Countries – especially those that are embarking on new planning cycles – and additional inputs into the Checklist can made via online consultation between January and June 2017. A second iteration of the Checklist capturing lessons from its use is planned for the end of 2018.

Download the checklist!

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