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The new Joint Annual Assessment for SUN’s third phase kicks off

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1 November 2021, Geneva – Today, the revised version of the SUN Movement Joint Annual Assessment (JAA) kicked off and was rolled out around all 64 member States. Each year since 2014, SUN member countries have been asked to self-reflect and assess progress and challenges in scaling up nutrition and achieving the Movement’s Strategic Objectives. This year, the Joint Annual Assessment (JAA) has been revised, with support from TASC, to align with the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement Strategy for its third phase (2021-2025). The 2021 Joint Annual Assessment will close on 1 February 2022.

The SUN Movement strategy prioritises country leadership and focuses on supporting systemic change at the country level. All parts of the Movement – member governments, the four Networks, the Coordinator, the Secretariat, the Executive Committee, and the SUN Movement Lead Group – are expected to step up in equal measure and intensify their efforts to accelerate the delivery of nutrition outcomes at scale, and to work together to align and focus those efforts on priorities within countries.

The Joint Annual Assessment

Consisting of two parts – the JAA multi-stakeholder consultation and the JAA report – the primary focus of the JAA is to strengthen country collaboration and support. It should provide the basis for a discussion on country-level bottlenecks, actions agreed by country stakeholders to address those bottlenecks and identification of critical capacity gaps and technical support needs of countries.

The secondary focus is enabling monitoring of progress within the SUN Movement countries. This overview of progress across SUN countries will assist the Movement to identify common challenges and opportunities and will influence advocacy and support strategies. It will also facilitate sharing and learning in relation to good practices among countries by identifying commonalities in successful practices.

What’s new

During the Movement’s second phase (2016-2020), the JAA emphasised tracking progress markers. This focus has contributed substantially to developing a strong understanding of the overall global picture and has enabled SUN to target resources on areas of common concern. Substantial progress has been made over the first decade of SUN and most countries have established the basic systems and structures that are essential to strong governance.

As the third phase (2021-2025) focuses on ensuring that those systems and structures are effective in achieving progress, the emphasis on the original progress markers has decreased and more attention will be paid to very specific country challenges that require support.

Learn more

Find out more about what the JAA is, what it does and how you can take part.

[*] Only SUN member countries and networks will have been given access to complete the JAA report.

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