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The secretary of Guatemala Food and Nutrition Security meets with the SUN Movement

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On 5 March 2018, the Secretary of Food and Nutrition Security of the Government of Guatemala, Juan Carlos Carías and the Technical Under-Secretary, Maira Ruano, met with Maritza de Oliva of the World Food Programme (WFP), María Claudia Santizo of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Armando Barreno, Coordinator, and Jeanina Ponce, Secretary, of the Consultation and Social Participation Body (INCOPAS), to follow up on the actions that are being carried out under the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement, which countries enter on a voluntary basis on the principle of commitment to the fight against the problems of malnutrition.

The Scaling Up Nutrition Movement is an initiative led by 60 countries that are working to eliminate malnutrition in all its forms, based on the principle that everyone has a right to food and good nutrition.

Secretary Carías highlighted the importance of taking lessons learned from the Movement’s work to the regions to strengthen actions aimed at reducing malnutrition. INCOPAS Coordinator Armando Barreno said, “As civil society we consider it important for the country to be part of the movement, since this enables it to learn from the experiences of other countries and share what is being done in Guatemala, and through these successful experiences we can improve what we do here in Guatemala.”.


Maritza de Oliva, from WFP, said, “The movement shines a light on the fact that reducing chronic malnutrition cannot be achieved solely through the institutions of government; every sector has a responsibility to contribute to this outcome.” The principles of the SUN Movement are: Be transparent about intentions and impact; Be inclusive; Be rights based; Be predictable and mutually accountable; Be cost-effective; Be continuously communicative; Be mutually respectful; Do no harm.

Since 2010, the Movement has inspired a new way of working collaboratively to end malnutrition in all its forms, uniting representatives of governments of SUN Countries, civil society, the United Nations, donors, businesses and researchers.

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