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The SUN Movement Multi-Partner Trust Fund Evaluation begins

  |   MPTF, SUN Lead Group and Secretariat

In September 2015, the Evaluation Team of the SUN Movement Multi-Partner Trust Fund (MPTF) entered the inception phase of the evaluation. In the upcoming months the Evaluation Team will have interviews and consultations with relevant partners to the MPTF and will conduct country visits.

The SUN Movement MPTF Evaluation will conclude in January 2016 with a final report presenting key findings, conclusions and recommendations.


The SUN Movement MPTF was set up in 2012 to be used for catalytic actions to enable, initiate or develop SUN Movement activity at country or regional level, and provide appropriate global-level support, when other funding is not available. The Management Committee of the SUN Movement MPTF has agreed to commission an evaluation of the MPTF to provide both an assessment of the current MPTF as well as a set of clear forward-looking recommendations. These recommendations will inform the Management Committee decisions in designing the forthcoming (if any) funding mechanism for the SUN Movement and to strengthen the role this mechanism could have in contributing to the new strategy of the SUN Movement (2016-2020).

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