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The SUN Movement Secretariat convenes a workshop to strengthen support to SUN Countries

  |   SUN Lead Group and Secretariat

Boitshepo Bibi Giyose, Senior Advisor food and nutrition security at NEPAD Agency shares her views during the meeting.

On 22nd and 23rd June 2015, the SUN Movement Secretariat brought together support providers from across the Movement to discuss ways of strengthening support to SUN Countries, especially when there is insufficient or unavailable in-country expertise. The purpose of the meeting was to reach agreement on what is required for a coordinated, predictable, timely and effective response to requests for assistance from SUN Countries.

Over 50 participants were involved in discussions about how best to support current country needs and pro-actively identify practical ways to support country progress. The Consultant group, Maximising the Quality of Scaling Up Nutrition (MQSUN) presented their experience with SUN Countries since 2013 and set the tone for discussions which centered around building on experiences and tailoring support to a fluid and flexible Movement.

Participants discussed Technical Assistance (TA), Knowledge Management (KM) and Financing, as the key areas of support. Discussions helped to determine the ways support can be provided to all SUN countries by reinforcing country-to-country learning, face to face knowledge exchanges as well as means to simplify how SUN Countries can access such support.

Participants agreed to strengthen three Movement wide thematic focuses which have arisen from country requests, which will help strengthen the capacity of countries to deliver results. They include:

  • Policy and budget cycle management – from planning to accounting for results
  • social mobilization, advocacy and communication
  • Functional capacities for coordination and effective scaling up of nutrition

The workshop signified one step towards the development of a roadmap for the SUN Movement for 2016-2020. Participants agreed that the discussions and consultations need to be pursued in order to further define roles and responsibilities that will enable the SUN Movement to deliver results.

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