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UNSCN launches the UN Global Nutrition Agenda

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UN Global Nutrition Agenda_final_share (00000002)_001In June 2015, the United Nations Global Nutrition Agenda (UNGNA) was launched by the United Nations Standing Committee on Nutrition (UNSCN). The UNGNA provides a broad framework for the aligning of UN agencies in support of global and national nutrition goals. This first version was endorsed and owned by the UN agencies with a key mandate in nutrition and is available for agencies and inter-agency teams at global, regional and country levels to stimulate dialogue on collaboration, and for joint priority setting, planning and programme review.

The UNGNA aims to strengthen collaborative action toward the goal of ending malnutrition in all its forms in our lifetime and highlights the ten core principles which underlie the UN’s interagency work on nutrition:

  • Nutrition is a pervasive development issue requiring action across the globe
  • Multiple forms of malnutrition are interrelated and co-occur in a large number of countries
  • Nutrition is a multisectoral issue
  • Food system change is fundamental to addressing nutrition challenges
  • Health system strengthening is essential to achieve nutrition goals
  • Good nutrition also requires, and is necessary for, functioning education systems, social protection, and efforts to eradicate poverty and reduce inequality
  • The UN is steered by a Human Rights-Based approach to nutrition
  • UN nutrition activities are informed by a commitment to gender rights
  • The UN acts in support of country priorities. Local adaptation of strategies is needed, according to varying country nutrition situations
  • The UN System is one role player among several, playing unique convening, networking, brokering, and technical support roles

Download the United Nations Global Nutrition Agenda 2015

Now available English | Français | Español

Visit the UNSCN website: UNSCN

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