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USAID launches a Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Strategy

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At the beginning of 2014, USAID sought public comment on a draft Nutrition Strategy and on 22 May 2014, USAID launched the Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Strategy (2014 – 2025). This launch recognizes the urgent need to address the direct and underlying causes of malnutrition and is the first-ever coordinated effort by USAID with multiple stakeholders to bring together resilience efforts and nutrition investments.

The strategy is aligned with the 2025 World Health Assembly Nutrition Targets, and includes the goal of reducing malnutrition (measured by stunting) by 20%. It brings together different streams of funding and different programs to coordinate an evidence-based approach to malnutrition.

USAID Administrator Rajiv J. Shah states “Ultimately, this strategy outlines a vision for long-term success through country ownership with deepened engagement from local community, government, and private sector leaders”. Rajiv J. Shah is also a member of the SUN Movement Lead Group.


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