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Welcome to the SUN Movement, Afghanistan! #SUN60

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On 26 September  2017, the Chief Executive of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, signed a letter of commitment to join the 59 SUN Countries and 3 Indian States that form the  SUN Movement, and is fighting to end malnutrition in all its forms, everywhere, by 2030.

Afghanistan has achieved considerable progress in tackling malnutrition over the past decades, but high rates of undernutrition persists, particularly among children under five years old and women of reproductive age (15-49 years old). In 2013, Afghanistan’s National Nutrition Survey revealed that the malnutrition rates among girls and boys aged 0-59 months, at the national level, included 41 per cent of children who are stunted (too short for their age), whilst 21 per cent of all girls and boys suffered from severe stunting.


“The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has expressed its commitment to enhance food and nutrition security for its people through a number of policies, strategies and programmes”

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the Chief Executive – Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan


Dr. Abdullah, in his joining letter, expressed the country’s commitment to the SUN Movement and its vision of ending all forms of malnutrition by 2030, and to promote food and nutrition security in the country: “We are eager to join the Global SUN Movement to that with support from international community we can scale up to effectively address our critical nutrition situation,” said Dr. Abdullah.

The SUN Movement Coordinator, Gerda Verburg, welcomed the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as the 60th member of the SUN Movement and congratulated the Government for their commitment to end malnutrition and the promote food and nutrition security, as enshrined in the constitution of Afghanistan. She also encouraged Afghanistan to form a multi-stakeholder platform, active in 49 SUN Countries today, comprising key actors to support national nutrition objectives.


“I acknowledge the efforts of your Government to address the issue of malnutrition, particularly among children under five and women”

Gerda Verburg, SUN Movement Coordinator


Gerda Verbug, SUN Movement Coordinator response letter


Recently, the Office of the Chief Executive of Afghanistan signed a joint Memorandum of Understanding with FAO, UNICEF and WFP to establish an inter-ministerial coordination mechanism, the Food Security and Nutrition Committee, to give policy advice and oversight and coordinate different stakeholders: governmental institutions and ministries, donors, civil society and other actors, including the UN and the  private sector. “The creation of the Food Security and Nutrition Inter-Ministerial Committee at the Chief Executive Office is the right step forward,” highlights Gerda Verburg.


Join us in welcoming Afghanistan to the SUN Movement through social media using the hashtags #SUN60 and #AfghanistanSUN


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