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Welcome to the SUN Movement, Madhya Pradesh!

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On 15 January 2019, Mr. J.N. Kansotiya Principal Secretary of the Department of Women and Child Development, Government of Madhya Pradesh (India) signed, on behalf of the Ministry, a letter of commitment to join the 60 countries and 3 Indian States that drive the SUN Movement. Madhya Pradesh is now the 4th Indian State to join the SUN Movement.

Madhya Pradesh has made good progress in improving the health and nutrition status of its women and children. The Department of Women and Child Development (DWCD)  currently has several nutrition programmes to improve women and children’s malnutrition. Due to these efforts, the prevalence of underweight in the region has reduced from 60 per cent to 42 per cent in the last ten years. However, the prevalence of undernutrition and anemia is still significantly high according to the last results of a recent National Family Health Survey: 42 per cent of children under 5 are stunted; 25 per cent are wasted; and more than 42 per cent are underweight.

The SUN Movement Coordinator, Gerda Verburg, has welcomed Madhya Pradesh to the Movement, which brings together its members to learn, share and collaborate on how best to scale up nutrition through multisectoral and multistakeholder action. In the welcoming letter Gerda Verburg congratulated the Government of Madhya Pradesh for its “leadership and commitment to end malnutrition in all its forms”.


“The SUN Movement will be pleased to work with the Government of Madhya Pradesh to continue to build on your current successes and strive together towards the many Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)that require solid progress in nutrition”

Gerda Verburg, UN Assistant Secretary-General and SUN Movement Coordinator


Madhya Pradesh is one of the largest states of India with a population of more than 75 million. The DWCD has already  nominated Mr. Mahendra Dwivedi as the SUN Government Focal Point to help drive the SUN Movement’s approach forward and bring together the key actors needed to boost nutrition impact in the State.


Join us in welcoming Madhya Pradesh to the SUN Movement through social media using the hashtag #MadhyaPradeshSUN

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