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Across the SUN Movement, different stakeholders from different sectors are aligning their efforts to end malnutrition in all its forms. The SUN Movement Strategy and Roadmap (2016-2020) helps to set this path ahead and includes the area of work on making nutrition a political priority through social mobilisation, advocacy and communication efforts.

The next five years will require sustaining political commitment through strategic advocacy. Communication and mobilisation efforts that motivate and resonate with all sectors of society will support the implementation and inspire reflection and continuous improvement.

Our ambitions are that by 2020, all SUN Countries will:

  • have increased the salience of nutrition as a top policy, financing and institutional priority at national,
    regional and global levels
  • have increased implementation of social mobilisation, advocacy and behavior change communication
    actions aligned with national priorities
  • more effectively communicate the economic, development and human impacts of malnutrition and the
    ways to improve it.

Parliamentary engagement for nutrition

Parliamentarian from Pakistan talks about the importance of nutrition at a regional workshop.

Parliaments have a critical role in influencing budgetary decisions for nutrition throughout the budget cycle. An increasing number of SUN Countries are recognizing the critical role that parliamentarians play in securing necessary laws, policies, financing and equitable implementation of nutrition actions. Actions have included letters from parliamentarians to Permanent Secretaries to ensure nutrition is a political priority of the administration and encouraging Ministers of Finance to host consultations on nutrition investments.

Youth Leaders for Nutrition

The Youth Leaders for Nutrition programme was launched in 2018 by the SUN Civil Society Network, in partnership with Save the Children UK, RESULTS UK, and Global Citizen.

The programme aims to empower young people, primarily those from countries with high rates of malnutrition, with the skills they need to advocate for an end to malnutrition in their own communities and globally.

Since 2018, we have supported 13 Youth Leaders to engage in high-level events and forums all over the world, including the UN General Assembly, SUN Global Gathering, IFAD, and more. In addition, the Youth Leaders are creating change in their communities through education and awareness-raising programmes.

Learn more about Youth Leaders For Nutrition

Building and sustaining nutrition champions

Nutrition champions are integral to building and sustaining political commitment for nutrition. In over 30 SUN Countries, high profile individuals are doing their utmost to make nutrition matter for everyone, everywhere. Each SUN Movement nutrition champion contributes to an increasingly global group of nutrition champions who are galvanizing political attention toward improving nutrition. As high-level champions, their advocacy not only benefits their own nations, but their efforts can inspire other countries that are part of the Movement.