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National nutrition information systems are essential for assessing the current status and measuring changes in nutritional status of populations, tracking the progress of actions and prioritising efforts toward improving nutrition. An accurate assessment of the nutrition situation allows governments and their development partners to make evidence-based decisions with regards to nutrition policy and program development. Nutrition information is useful for advocacy, planning, budgeting, program design, and monitoring and evaluation.

Mapping Information Systems in SUN Countries

In 2016, mapping research was undertaken by consultants for the SUN Movement to define a standard framework that systematically assesses the state of information systems for nutrition across SUN Countries. Under the guidance of representatives from the SUN Movement Secretariat and with the technical support from Nutrition International (formally known as Micronutrient Initiative) under the DFID-funded Technical Assistance for Nutrition (TAN) project, the report was published in March 2017.

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Data details

The analysis was undertaken using available data for 57 SUN Countries at the time. For more information about each country, view the data details below.

Data details in English
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Country Case Studies

The country case studies were conducted during 2016 with support from Nutrition International and extensive engagement of national experts to provide information and insights. Each country case study provides a detailed overview on the main characteristics of the information systems for nutrition, the use of data and information and key recommendations for other countries.

Guatemala Case Study

Nigeria Case Study

Peru Case Study

Scaling Up Nutrition: In Practice, Information Systems for Nutrition

The second Scaling Up Nutrition: In Practice brief focuses on Information Systems for Nutrition. Stakeholders from six SUN countries have contributed accounts of how relevant indicators are being collected, managed, analysed, reported upon and used to track progress and prioritise responses in order to improve the nutrition of people. Key lessons have been identified in each of the country articles and the brief ends with a summary of observations by Andris Pielbags, European Commissioner for Development and SUN Lead Group Member.

Download Scaling Up Nutrition In Practice, Information Systems for Nutrition

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National Information Platforms for Nutrition (NIPN) initiative

The National Information Platforms for Nutrition (NIPN) initiative aims to strengthen the capacity of countries in the SUN Movement to bring together, analyse and make better use of existing information and data on factors that influence nutritional outcomes. This analysis can inform policies, programmes and investments to improve human nutrition and to better track progress towards nutrition targets. NIPN is a flagship initiative of the European Union with support from the United Kingdom Department for International Development and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Ten SUN Countries will benefit initially from the support provided by the programme:  Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kenya, Niger and Uganda starting in early 2018, and Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Laos and Zambia starting mid-2018. A Global Support Facility has been set up to help each country to develop an information platform, to provide technical guidance on developing questions for analysis and reviewing information and to foster the exchange of experiences between countries.

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