The SUN Benin Civil Society Alliance (ASCINB) was launched in 2015 and is the largest representative platform specializing in nutrition and food security in Benin, bringing together 30 NGOs and networks of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).

The Pooled Fund grant, which was awarded to ASCINB, played a crucial role in mobilizing government, municipal authorities and the private sector to step up their engagement in nutrition.


  • Resource mobilization post financed by Care Benin-Togo
  • More resources allocated in the 2021 Ministry of Economy and Finance budget
  • 6 municipalities committed to allocate funding for nutrition in their 2020 budgets

Key results and impact

The CSA had good working relationships with the government, and the Pooled Fund grant played an important catalytic role by increasing ASCINB’s involvement in high-level government decision-making and policy platforms. These platforms, as well as the Municipalities Development Support Fund that they had advocated for, contributed to multi-sectoral nutrition responses at both national and sub-national levels.

ASCINB’s activities directly contributed to achieving the SUN Movement strategic objectives at national level. The CSA became a working member of the National Food and Nutrition Policy (PNAN) committee. This partnership with government helped streamline implementation, leading to greater achievements than the government or the CSA would have been able to achieve on their own.

The Pooled Fund also helped the CSA strengthen cooperation between key nutrition partners Plan International and Care International Benin-Togo. This again streamlined implementation and produced better results, as outlined in the SUN Movement Roadmap.

ASCINB, in collaboration with individual CSA members, identified private-sector investment opportunities and helped develop resource mobilization strategies. One of its achievements was the creation of a resource mobilization post financed by Care Benin-Togo and the development of a resource mobilization plan.

The CSA conducted a 2016–2019 budget analysis that revealed poor investment in nutrition. The results from the budget analysis were then used to advocate for more resources to be allocated to nutrition in the 2021 budget by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Progress was also made at the sub-national level, with six municipalities committing to allocate funding for nutrition in their 2020 budgets. With close monitoring by the CSA, the municipal authorities committed to ensure that those budgets were properly administered and tracked.

The CSA encouraged the National Association of Benin Municipalities (ANCB) to include a requirement for municipalities to integrate food and nutrition projects and programmes (particularly for children aged 0 to 5).