The SUN Civil Society Alliance (CSA) in Burundi was founded in 2014 by World Vision and Concern Worldwide. The Pooled Fund grant acted as a catalytic fund to re-energize and position the CSA more sustainably as one of the country’s main nutrition partners.


  • 4 new CSAs were established at provincial level
  • 2 new CSAs were revitalized at provincial level
  • women to make up 40% of elected committee members in provincial CSAs

Key results and impact

The CSA made a demonstrable contribution to reducing chronic malnutrition at the sub-national and national level. In line with the SUN Movement progress tracker, the CSA took part in a review of the multi-sectoral strategic plan for nutrition and food security (PSMSAN).

The Pooled Fund grant enabled the CSA to increase the active participation of its members in reviewing the plan, while at the same time strengthening the delivery of its programmatic objectives through technical support and capacity-building. As a result, a multi-actor and multi-sectoral strategic plan for nutrition and food security (PSMSAN II) for Burundi was finalized. The CSA successfully advocated for specific actions to be included in the plan that related to gender and the empowerment of rural women.

Using the Pooled Fund grant as a source of catalytic funding, a costing exercise was carried out to highlight funding gaps in the plan. The CSA ensured that Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) were included in the review process. The CSA put in place tools to support the effective mobilization of resources at national and international level. It also developed an advocacy plan, which contributed to the fundraising and sustainability strategy.

The CSA helped to establish four CSAs at provincial level and to revitalize two existing provincial CSAs. The provincial CSAs introduced the requirement that women would make up at least 40% of the elected committee members. Meetings took place in 16 of Burundi’s 18 provinces to increase stakeholders’ knowledge of nutrition at sub-national level and to engage with grassroots and community organizations, including CSOs at a local level, and to gather their input on national plans and processes.

In April 2020, with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, the CSA adapted its activities to the new context. This enabled it to reinforce the support provided to provincial CSAs for scaling up nutrition at the provincial level.

Throughout the Pooled Fund grant period, the CSA also contributed and took part in national and international events dedicated to the promotion of nutrition.