The SUN Civil Society Alliance (CSA) in Cambodia, or SUN CSA Cambodia, was set up in 2015.

The chair of the CSA, Helen Keller International (HKI), was awarded a Pooled Fund grant in order to raise public awareness and strengthen the participation and commitment of stakeholders, with the aim of ensuring the effective implementation of the national nutrition plan, the National Strategy for Food Security and Nutrition (NSFSN) 2019–2023.


  • the CSA played a key role in finalizing the national nutrition plan
  • an extra USD 200,000 was generated to support the CSA’s work

Key results and impact

With Pooled Fund support, HKI ensured the CSA’s efforts were institutionalized and publicized through advocacy and capacity-building, and by sharing lessons and engaging with national, regional and global nutrition communities.

SUN CSA Cambodia reached several key milestones, including increased participation in multi-stakeholder and multi-sectoral platforms (MSPs), increased CSA influence on the development and implementation of the national nutrition plan, increased exchange of experiences, lessons learned and best practice on nutrition among CSA members and other stakeholders, and increased coverage in the media of the CSA’s learning about nutrition.

The CSA supported the government coordination body to finalize the national nutrition plan by providing case studies focused on key evidence, lessons learned and best practice from civil society members to influence decision-making.

As at March 2020, and in addition to the Pooled Fund grant, HKI generated an extra USD 200,000 to support the CSA’s work from various sources, such as the Global Financing Facility, Save the Children, FAO and WHO.

The CSA organized behaviour-change campaigns and events around National Nutrition Day in seven provinces, as well as social media campaigns aimed at youth nutrition champions, with a focus on gender, youth and social equity.

CSA members partnered with other nutrition stakeholders and a range of sectors to facilitate multi-sectoral collaboration for joint research and the implementation of nutrition activities. The youth groups were actively engaged, particularly the ten youth nutrition champions.

SUN CSA Cambodia also carried out a social media campaign, focusing on the importance of breastfeeding, maintaining healthy diets, WASH, food safety and food fortification during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Pooled Fund is supporting a number of other CSA initiatives, including the launch and roll-out of NSFSN 2019–2023, in which the CSA and its sub-national platforms have an integral role.