The SUN Civil Society Alliance (CSA) in Cameroon was formed in 2013. Following the government’s call in 2018 to revitalize SUN platforms, the Pooled Fund provided the CSA with an opportunity to position itself as a key strategic partner by strengthening the capacity of the CSA and its growing membership.


  • 19 new local CSOs recruited by the CSA
  • 30 women’s groups received capacity-building support
  • the CSA identified seven nutrition champions
  • 65 municipal authorities trained in nutrition, resource mobilization and advocacy
  • 27 local councils committed to allocating 1% of budgets to tackle malnutrition

Key results and impact

The Pooled Fund grant was awarded to Helen Keller International (HKI), the CSA lead, to build the capacity of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and local elected authorities, increasing their role in the planning and implementation of the National Nutrition Plan.

Some 47 CSOs were identified through a mapping exercise, with 33 local CSOs and 3 international CSOs taking part in targeted capacity-building activities on nutrition organized by the CSA. In order to strengthen its representation at regional level, the CSA recruited 19 new local CSOs, bringing its total membership to 40, of which 33 are local. The local CSOs supported a total of 30 women’s groups with capacity-building activities in nutrition, social mobilization and nutrition advocacy.

The CSA took part in a technical validation of the government’s National Nutrition Policy, which covers the period 2017–2030. The policy proposes a multi-sectoral approach to converge and align socio-economic policies and programmes on health, food security, water, hygiene and sanitation, education, research and social protection.

Thanks to Pooled Fund support, the CSA identified seven nutrition champions and took part in the advocacy and lesson-learning meetings that were integral to formulating the policy.

The Pooled Fund grant helped the CSA support its member organizations and guide their work on nutrition. Thanks to the Pooled Fund, the CSA increased the level and quality of the input into the planning and the implementation of the national plan to strengthen nutrition-sensitive activities in Cameroon.

The CSA also organized training sessions to strengthen the capacities of 65 municipal authorities in nutrition, resource mobilization and advocacy, focusing on aligning implementation between the national and sub-national levels. As a result, 27 local councils signed letters of engagement committing at least 1% of local council budgets to tackle malnutrition in their respective constituencies.