Five Civil Society Networks in Chad are focused on nutrition: the network of Civil Society Organizations (CSO network), the network of nutrition champions, the network of parliamentarians, the network of journalists and the network of scientists. These networks work together within the SUN platform.

As the founding member of the CSO network created in 2015, the Sahelian Applied Research Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASRADD) required Pooled Fund support to mobilize all stakeholders within civil society to scale up nutrition activities in order to reach areas where civil society had not yet been restructured into a nutrition sub-network.


  • 6 new provincial CSAs have integrated nutrition into their work plans
  • 35 journalists and community radio presenters were trained in nutrition messaging

Key results and impact

ASRADD conducted the first meeting of the SUN Civil Society Alliance (CSA) in Chad, which brought together the members of the various SUN platform Civil Society Networks. The meeting focused on knowledge exchange and CSO mapping in six provinces.

Following the meeting, six provincial offices were established based on the CSO mapping. To ensure the new sub-national networks operated effectively, support on governance, budgeting, advocacy and resource mobilization was provided. These activities enhanced the sense of ownership and participation by local CSOs in important national processes to advance nutrition objectives.

Capacity-building was carried out at sub-national level with a focus on behaviour change, increased community engagement and the involvement of women leaders in CSO management.

The Pooled Fund grant allowed the CSA to focus on integrating its intersectoral Nutrition and Food Action Plan (PAINA 2017–2021) into the National Development Plan (PND 2017–2021). With systematic and coordinated support provided by the Pooled Fund, the six newly established provincial CSAs have integrated nutrition into their work plans.

Platforms to develop key aspects of effective sub-national CSAs were also implemented. These included radio campaigns, a film, a conference debate, a capacity-building workshop for CSOs, a sub-national capacity-building workshop and sub-national MEAL workshops.

Fundraising and advocacy strategies were developed for each province to establish a strong foundation for the sub-national CSAs, ensuring they were properly structured and technically capable of delivering results.

The CSA was also able to mobilize and train 35 journalists and community radio presenters who helped carry out awareness-raising nutrition campaigns, which included radio and TV spots on malnutrition.