The SUN Civil Society Alliance (CSA) in Ethiopia – or ECSC-SUN (Ethiopia Civil Society Coalition for Scaling Up Nutrition) – was established in 2013.

The CSA has grown from 11 founding members into a coalition of 63 organizations, all committed to improving nutrition. CSA members are also contributing to the implementation of the Seqota Declaration, which commits to ending childhood undernutrition by 2030.

Although the CSA has been engaged in the nutrition conversation, this has only been at national level. Progress has been a challenge, with a highly decentralized system of semi-autonomous regional states, fragmented nutrition planning and implementation across sectors and partners, coupled with a significant burden of malnutrition.

To address this issue and to facilitate the effective implementation of nutrition plans, the CSA needed to establish a presence at the regional state level.


  • the CSA increased its membership to 63 organizations
  • CSA members signed up to the Seqota Declaration to end child undernutrition
  • the CSA organized capacity-building and awareness-raising webinars

Key results and impact

The CSA set up regional platforms in three of Ethiopia’s regions, home to half the population. Thanks to partnerships developed by the CSA, financial support was provided by Irish Aid as a sub-grant to two lead agencies operating in the Tigray and Amhara regions and was used to establish additional regional platforms. This improved coordination, resource mobilization and produced more effective results at the grassroots level.

ECSC-SUN worked closely with the government and became a key partner and stakeholder in the nutrition agenda by providing support during the design phase, development, finalization and approval of Ethiopia’s first-ever food and nutrition policy.

ECSC-SUN provided technical and financial support for the development of a multi-sectoral food and nutrition strategy, which is designed to function both as a long-term road map and as a multi-sectoral food and nutrition implementation guide for the country.

ECSC-SUN also provided technical and financial support to advocate for the establishment of the proposed Food and Nutrition Council and Agency.

The CSA supported the Ethiopian Nutrition Leaders Network (ENLN) to develop the capacity of its members and media professionals by organizing a series of capacity-building and awareness-raising webinars.