Established in 2014, the SUN Civil Society Alliance (CSA) of Guinea – the National Council of Civil Society Organizations (CNOSCG) – brings together professional organizations (REGOSA), women’s and youth organizations and a national umbrella structure that anchors nutrition in national institutions and agendas.

The purpose of CNOSCG’s Pooled Fund project was to enhance the capacity of its CSO members to carry though the goals of Guinea’s NNP, improve CSA coordination in a newly decentralised administrative environment, and identify and empower local elected officials, champions and women’s groups in nutrition advocacy and the promotion of good practices in their communities.


  • the CSA improved advocacy and coordination at the regional level, where they organised roundtables in each region of the country and worked with 23 mayors to integrate nutrition interventions into their communities’ development plans.
  • with some encouragement from the CSA, the Ministry of Health to allocate funding to nutritional inputs (USD 1.37 million in 2019 and USD 1.35 million in 2020).
  • the CSA helped the Ministry of Agriculture secure M&E support from the World Bank for the Commercial Agricultural Development Project in Guinea (PDACG).

Key results and impact

The National Council of Civil Society Organizations (CNOSCG) is supporting the National Multisectoral Nutrition Strategic Plan (PSNMN) 2018-2023, the National Multisectoral Nutrition Policy 2018-2030, and the National Economic and Social Development Plan 2016-2020.

The Republic of Guinea is decentralizing its government services into regions and prefectures.  The changes are quite recent – the first municipal elections were finalized in 2019 – and presented an opportunity for the CSA of Guinea to create an enabling environment for nutrition at the onset of this decentralisation.

The Pooled Fund enabled the CSA to convene roundtables in all 8 regions and with 24 prefectures (72% of prefectures nationwide).  The CSA expanded its grassroots membership with 115 new CSO members.  These community organisations were better equipped to organise their own income-generating activities, and promote healthy breastfeeding and personal hygiene habits.  By working with mayors, the CSA ensured that national nutrition policy was incorporated at the local level.  In addition to advocacy activities at the national level, the CSA initiated Guinea’s first annual “Nutrition Day” on December 26, 2020.   Over 90 local elected officials, national ministries, the Foundation of the First Lady of Guinea, and youth groups, among others, were in attendance.