Established in 2014, the Civil Society Alliance SUN Kyrgyzstan (CSA SUN Kyrgyzstan), is considered one of the most active networks within the SUN Movement multi-stakeholder platform on nutrition and food security in Kyrgyzstan.

With support from the Pooled Fund, CSA SUN Kyrgyzstan included its members in the development of the national Food Security and Nutrition Programme for 2019–2023 and contributed suggestions on integrating the right to food into national legislation.


  • 22 CSA members received capacity-building training in fundraising and sustainability
  • 2 provincial plans focusing on vulnerable villages were approved
  • nearly 80% of CSA proposals were included in the national programme

Key results and impact

Thanks to the Pooled Fund grant, 20 CSA member organizations increased their capacity to influence and support the delivery of national and sub-national nutrition plans. In addition, 22 provincial CSA members received capacity-building training in fundraising and sustainability.

CSA SUN Kyrgyzstan worked with local stakeholders on the decentralization of the multi-stakeholder platform on nutrition and food security in order to align implementation between national and sub-national levels. Two provincial plans for nutrition and food security for 2019–2020, focusing on vulnerable villages, were also developed and approved.

The CSA and a group of newly engaged parliamentary nutrition champions developed a joint action plan on food security and nutrition. The government accepted 11 of the 14 proposals put forward by CSA members for inclusion in the national programme. Eight parliamentarians spoke at four round tables on the issue, leading to the food security and nutrition plan being signed by the government, along with two sub-national plans.

The CSA is an important contributor to the national dialogue on nutrition and is therefore directly advancing the SUN Movement strategic objectives.

The CSA provided advocacy and mobilization expertise to provincial nutrition actors, resulting in funds to finance local projects being raised from diverse sources. The projects include the construction and repair of water supply systems. Through the Pooled Fund grant, the CSA supported local NGOs to implement a range of small-scale projects.

CSA SUN Kyrgyzstan has continued its advocacy work to secure resources in order to sustain the initiatives undertaken.

The academic network within the multi-stakeholder platform formed a working group of 16 people (6 men and 10 women) from five organizations to develop a training module on guidelines for healthy diets based on local products.