The SUN Civil Society Alliance of Liberia (SUNCSAL) was founded in 2016 with the support of Action Against Hunger. The Pooled Fund grant enabled the CSA to hold the government to account over its national and international commitments in the area of nutrition, and to advocate for increased government funding for nutrition-related activities.

SUNCSAL was also able to advocate for the adoption of the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes in order to increase the take-up of good infant and young child feeding (IYCF) practices and, thereby, to reduce the prevalence of undernutrition.


  • the CSA increased its membership to 47 national CSOs and 7 INGOs
  • capacity-building workshops were organized for CSA members

Key results and impact

With the help of the Pooled Fund, the CSA, which numbered 45 Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) at the time of its launch, increased its membership to 47 national CSOs and 7 INGOs and consolidated its internal governance.

The CSA was also able to form partnerships with locally elected coordinators in four counties, with outreach to several related networks, such as WASH Commission CSOs and the Liberia Immunization Platform.

The capacity of the CSA’s members was strengthened, enabling alliance members to translate political commitment into results. Capacity-building was carried out through a series of workshops on project management, nutrition advocacy and social monitoring, as well as three sessions on budget advocacy and processes.

SUNCSAL and the multi-stakeholder platform also contributed to Liberia’s national nutrition plan. The CSA engaged with key ministries in local governments by working through a system of focal points in six line ministries and seven decentralized county platforms.

The CSA advocated for nutrition budgeting with line ministries and parliament and attended monthly coordination meetings – an approach designed to leave no one behind.

Thanks to the Pooled Fund, the CSA has been able to become more sustainable, with a 2020–2022 CSA work plan, a fundraising and sustainability strategy, and a donor database. Fundraising efforts were launched with the help of membership fees and partnerships with Save the Children and UN-REACH.