The Pooled Fund grant helped Mali’s Civil Society Alliance (CSA) increase non-state partners’ participation in the national multi-stakeholder platform and it encouraged efforts to scale up nutrition.

The CSA had been underfunded since 2015 and, as a result, faced challenges in extending its networks at regional, district and city level. It was also unable to organize capacity-building or advocacy events targeting decision-makers and was therefore unable to influence sectors and policies in favour of nutrition.

With Pooled Fund support, the CSA provided technical and financial assistance to civil society partners and strengthened national and regional platforms to coordinate, monitor and supervise the multi-sectoral nutrition plan.


  • the CSA increased its membership from 13 to 19 NGOs
  • the government committed to doubling national nutrition budgets
  • the CSA set up an exchange forum to connect nutrition champions

Key results and impact

The Pooled Fund grant enabled the CSA to establish consultation and coordination frameworks at national and sub-national levels. These frameworks provided a discussion forum and brought critical nutrition matters to the attention of decision-makers and donors, helping to strengthen the country’s nutritional status.

The CSA also extended its network of civil society members, from 13 NGOs to 19 NGOs, as well as 9 networks of Civil Society Organizations and 4 regional coalitions.

The CSA supported the organization of nutrition events at national level, including the Second National Forum on Nutrition and the meeting of general secretaries from ministries involved in nutrition to discuss the development of the 2020–2024 Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Action Plan.

Strategic stakeholders successfully engaged with the nutrition agenda, which led to commitments being secured at the highest level. These include a financial commitment by the prime minister during the Second National Forum on Nutrition of 2019 to double the national budgets allocated to nutrition, and a commitment to buy nutritional inputs worth 600 million CFA francs in 2020 and 1.2 billion CFA francs in 2021.

Thanks to the Pooled Fund, the CSA was able to mobilize national leaders who supported its advocacy efforts on nutrition at national and sub-national levels. These influential leaders worked in coordination with other champions, including 17 parliamentary nutrition champions, in addition to the 10 municipal officials from the Association of Municipalities of Mali. The exchange forum established by the CSA enabled the champions to work together to re-launch and monitor nutrition issues.