The SUN Civil Society Alliance (CSA) in Mozambique was established in 2011 with the aim of supporting and advocating for the implementation of the Multi-sectoral Action Plan for the Reduction of Chronic Undernutrition (PAMRDC) and, in turn, contributing to the improvement of the governance and accountability mechanisms of nutrition programmes.

The CSA developed operational plans in 2018 to assist the government in implementing the PAMRDC and to advocate for additional resources. The CSA recognized, however, that it required financial and technical assistance for provincial-level networks to implement the national CSA plans.

The capacity of nutrition stakeholders in Mozambique was also limited, and the Pooled Fund represented a valuable solution. With the Pooled Fund’s support, the CSA built the capacity of CSA provincial platforms in Nampula, Tete and Inhambane provinces in order to increase their involvement in local PAMRDC implementation plans.


  • the CSA engaged with 270 change agents in all provincial nutrition platforms
  • all provincial platforms have been trained in sustainability and fundraising

Key results and impact

In 2019, the PAMRDC gained considerable momentum at provincial level. With help from the Pooled Fund, the CSA supported capacity-building for local organizations and the coordination of PAMRDC activities at provincial level. The process involved developing a mapping tool and localized nutrition action plans to serve as guidance in the years to come.

In addition, the CSA engaged with the president of the parliament, individual deputies and parliamentary commissions to encourage high-level advocacy and collaboration on nutrition.

The CSA engaged with 270 change agents in all nine provincial nutrition platforms, a rise of over 300% compared with the period prior to Pooled Fund support.

The Pooled Fund also expanded the geographic scope of its advocacy. Advocacy at the start of the project was only available in the three provincial capitals of Nampula, Tete and Inhambane. Advocacy support has now increased to include five additional nutrition platforms in each of the targeted provinces.

These actions resulted in the CSA being better able to understand and engage in public policy discussions and planning processes at both national and sub-national level. Currently, all nine provincial nutrition platforms have a seat at local and national tables on food security and nutrition, and all nine platforms have been trained in sustainability and fundraising.

The provincial plans were designed in a gender-sensitive and inclusive way. For example, half of the technical team on the Pooled Fund project are women.