The SUN Civil Society Alliance (CSA) in Nepal – known as the Civil Society Alliance for Nutrition in Nepal (CSANN) – designed and implemented its Pooled Fund project in collaboration with the Nepal branch of the South Asia Infant Feeding Research Network (SAIFRN-Nepal).

One of the greatest challenges in scaling up nutrition has been the limited capacity of local Civil Society Organizations (CSO) and local government to develop nutrition policies and plans. The Pooled Fund project aimed to build the capacity of local CSOs and local government to prepare policies and plans with clear targets to improve implementation.


  • the CSA secured representation at the National Food and Nutrition Security Council
  • the CSA contributed to the National Food and Nutrition Security Policy

Key results and impact

Thanks to technical assistance and funds received through the Pooled Fund, the project focused on reaching women in the furthest-behind groups and the most disadvantaged communities to ensure their active participation in meetings, provide training and ensure they have access to other services available through the project.

Pooled Fund support for nutrition-related COVID-19 response activities was also targeted at Golden 1000 Day mothers in four rural municipalities to improve access to health, food and nutrition through behavioural change communication activities.

The Pooled Fund project is inclusive of women and vulnerable and disadvantaged groups with activities increasingly focused on women’s empowerment and nutrition. The project involved a women-led mothers’ health group in which two-thirds of key positions are held by women.

Women’s participation in workshops and programmes is guaranteed by stipulating that at least 30% of participants are women. In addition, women represent 50% of nutrition champions in rural municipalities.

The Pooled Fund project worked to include women in decision-making at local level by developing their capacities and encouraging them to take part.