The SUN Civil Society Alliance (CSA) in Niger, called the Collectif Tous Unis en faveur de la Nutrition (TUN), was established in 2013. A key civil society player in Niger’s nutrition landscape, TUN represents an alliance of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) with national media partners at international meetings to advocate for improved nutrition.

In 2018, Niger adopted a National Nutritional Security Policy (PNSN). This national policy aims to eliminate all forms of malnutrition by mobilizing institutional, human and financial resources across multiple sectors. The policy and its associated action plan constitute the sole framework for all activities to combat malnutrition. TUN was tasked with mobilizing civil society in line with and in support of the national policy.


  • the CSA has grown to 43 members
  • the CSA has been helping to develop the Niger GFF investment case

Key results and impact

The Pooled Fund supported TUN’s project to improve coordination and fundraising and to implement the PNSN commitments at sub-national level. A SUN Movement assessment in  2019 highlighted a lack of dynamism within the network as a limiting factor to scaling up nutrition.

Thanks to the Pooled Fund, the CSA has grown to 43 member organizations and associations, including a youth nutrition champions group, which has been recognized as an important nutrition implementation partner.

TUN established two out of eight regional networks, in parallel with Niger’s ongoing political decentralization. The two regions of Maradi and Zinder have the highest prevalence of acute malnutrition in Niger but also host refugees from neighbouring Mali and Nigeria.

TUN is also directly involved in translating national policy into the next cycle of regional development plans with regional decision-makers.

The CSA has strengthened partnerships with journalists and activists, built its own capacity in budget monitoring and advocacy – in collaboration with Action Against Hunger – and started to see the first results of its advocacy activities as a member of the PNSN national technical steering committee.

The CSA has also been monitoring and pushing for the government to fulfil its commitment to fund 15% of the PNSN.

The CSA has been involved in the development of the Niger Global Financing Facility (GFF) investment case, in which nutrition is an explicit priority.