Launched in 2014, the SUN Civil Society Alliance (CSA) of Pakistan collaborated with other SUN country networks to address malnutrition and raise the profile of nutrition among the public and at policy level.

The CSA’s advocacy efforts played an important part in raising awareness about nutrition among policy-makers. In order to make these gains sustainable, the CSA used the Pooled Fund grant to engage with parliamentarians to advocate for their commitment to scale up nutrition.


  • the CSA helped develop the national nutrition action plan
  • 30 parliamentarians signed up as nutrition champions
  • over 300 journalists took part in training in nutrition

Key results and impact

The CSA focused on mainstreaming nutrition at policy level, establishing close working relationships with government ministries, and raising awareness among political leaders, the media and the public about the urgent malnutrition challenge facing Pakistan.

Viewed as a major driver of national nutrition efforts, the CSA played a key role alongside government and other stakeholders in drafting the national nutrition action plan. With Pooled Fund support, the CSA lobbied for food and nutrition security to be embedded within the Pakistani constitution as a fundamental right.

Before the national nutrition action plan was assigned a budget, the CSA developed a nutrition-financing policy brief based on available data and engaged closely with government actors to innovate and optimize existing budgets in nutrition-sensitive sectors.

In 2020, the CSA was also engaged as a key stakeholder to develop and launch the Adolescent Nutrition Supplementation Guidelines for Pakistan.

The CSA engaged 30 parliamentarians as nutrition champions and raised awareness about the need to prioritize nutrition policies among more than 150 parliamentarians.

The CSA strengthened the capacity of its civil society members, particularly for nutrition advocacy and nutrition programming. Recognizing the role of the media in supporting its efforts to highlight the importance of nutrition, and with Pooled Fund support, the CSA carried out nutrition awareness training for over 300 journalists.

Partnerships were established with related networks – such as the Child Rights Movement, the Pakistan Alliance for Early Childhood and the White Ribbon Alliance – with the aim of sharing technical resources and information as part of a formal collaboration.

With Pooled Fund support, and through a consultative process, the CSA developed a five-year strategy 2021–2025 to address emerging nutrition challenges in Pakistan, particularly in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.