Registered in 2013, the SUN Civil Society Alliance (CSA) of Tanzania – the Partnership for Nutrition in Tanzania (PANITA) – has a membership of over 300 local and international Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) covering the whole country.

The purpose of PANITA’s Pooled Fund project was to increase the resources allocated for nutrition, as the disbursement rate of allocated funds had previously been low.


  • the CSA helped develop the NNP and the NMNAP
  • a CSA budget analysis revealed insufficient funding for the NMNAP

Key results and impact

PANITA was represented within various mechanisms and platforms tasked with advancing the nutrition agenda through increased membership; some 346 civil society member organizations sit on the High-Level Nutrition Steering Committee, which has formal oversight over the SUN Movement’s activities in Tanzania.

PANITA was wholly involved in the development of the National Nutrition Plan (NNP) and the National Multi-sectoral Nutrition Action Plan (NMNAP).

The Pooled Fund enabled the CSA to support the use of the Common Results, Resources and Accountability Framework and to ensure a costed NNP, supporting all councils to align their sub-national nutrition plans to it. The CSA and other stakeholders undertook a budget analysis, identifying that the NMNAP had insufficient nutrition-sensitive funding, while a mid-term review in 2019 revealed low NNP government spending compared to donor spending.

However, the government’s commitments, through national budget guidelines to district councils, provided a solid foundation for sub-national resource mobilization and increased the disbursement rate from 22% to 45%.

Sub-national pre-planning and budgeting meetings were organized for regional administrative and local governments to improve the design, planning and budgeting of nutrition activities by sub-national councils ahead of the 2020–2021 financial year.

PANITA strengthened Tanzania’s capacity to translate political commitment into results, working closely with nutrition champions as they published the Second Strategic Plan 2020–2025, including the Parliamentary Group on Nutrition, Food Security and Child Rights.

The parliamentary field trip organized with the Pooled Fund’s assistance led to ambitious measures being presented to parliament, such as the funding of nutrition at council level. These measures included ring-fencing funds for nutrition in approved budgets, and adopting policies and laws mandating the allocation of funds for nutrition based on a given percentage of locally collected revenues.