The SUN Civil Society Alliance (CSA) in Zimbabwe – the Zimbabwe Civil Society Organizations Scaling Up Nutrition Alliance (ZCSOSUNA) – was established in 2013 with 120 organizations working on a range of nutrition issues.

The focus of the Pooled Fund project was to promote a local, country-led solution to scaling up nutrition. Specifically, the project sought to further develop the academic platform for nutrition research, strengthen multi-sectoral governance and accountability for nutrition, and increase nutrition-sensitive investment in Zimbabwe.


  • the CSA called for breastfeeding rooms in hospitals and parliament buildings
  • a capacity-building workshop was organized for CSA members
  • the CSA trained journalists in how to report on nutrition

Key results and impact

The CSA called on the government to develop SMART commitments linked to the Tokyo Nutrition for Growth Summit in the hope that, at national level, SMART commitments would promote financial accountability for nutrition commitments and improve nutrition plan implementation.

The CSA also pushed for breastfeeding rooms to be made available in hospitals and parliament buildings in the hope that other sectors would follow suit.

The CSA met with two parliamentary committees to advocate for issues such as nutrition-sensitive programming related to COVID-19 cash disbursements. For example, the CSA pressed the government to distribute nutritious food assistance with fortified cooking oil and a maize-bean mixture instead of low-value cash assistance with non-fortified oil and maize.

With the help of the Pooled Fund, the CSA undertook a 2020 budget analysis of nutrition in Zimbabwe. It found there was a fall in nutrition contributions (45 nutrition line items in the 2019 budget compared with 39 nutrition line items in 2020), with significant underspending.

With Pooled Fund support, a capacity-building workshop was organized for CSA members ahead of the 2020 budget analysis exercise. Using a community-based model and drawing on lessons learned, the CSA planned to scale up the implementation of stunting-prevention projects at district level by fundraising through other sources. It also created a commitment tracker to monitor the government’s financial commitments at national and sub-national level.

At sub-national level, the Pooled Fund helped the CSA develop nutrition action plans in two districts. In conjunction with the youth network, it also conducted a “Kick Out Stunting” campaign.

In order to improve media coverage of nutrition, the CSA trained journalists in how to report on nutrition accurately, including the current nutrition agreements, key players and nutrition terminology.