Calls for proposals

Applications for SUN Movement Pooled Fund grants are managed by the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) in response to a call for proposals (CFP) launched by UNOPS.

The SUN Movement Pooled Fund supports projects through two funding windows, reflecting its two main areas of work: strengthening the enabling environment for nutrition, and accelerating the delivery of impactful interventions:


Window 1

Window 1 aims to build, or strengthen, the participation of non-state stakeholders in national multi-stakeholder and multi-sectoral platforms


Window 2

Window 2 aims to accelerate the coordinated delivery of high-impact nutrition activities by members of multi-stakeholder and multi-sectoral platforms at national and subnational levels, encouraging cooperation across core areas, through sharing and learning, to increase impact.

To date, the SUN Movement Pooled Fund has launched five calls for proposals under its two funding windows:

  • Window 1, Cycle 1 (launched 1 May 2018) – for Civil Society Alliances
  • Window 1, Cycle 2 (launched 7 December 2018) – for Civil Society Alliances
  • Window 1, Cycle 3 (subgrant – no tender undertaken) – for selected business networks
  • Window 1, Cycle 4 (launched 17 July 2020) – supporting Civil Society Alliances to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, to mitigate its effects and to build better in its aftermath
  • Window 2, Cycle 1 (launched 11 June 2019) – open to all parties.