Window 1, Cycle 2

This call for proposals was launched on 7 December 2018 and closed on 8 February 2019. Under this call, 19 Civil Society Alliances from 19 SUN countries received grants with a total value of USD 3.7 million.

As with the call for proposals for Window 1, Cycle 1, this call focused on setting up or expanding national Civil Society Alliances and their inclusion in the national multi-stakeholder platform for nutrition.

The call for proposals aimed to reach the remaining Civil Society Alliances in need of funding that did not benefit from the previous grant cycle.

The Grant Evaluation Committee considered each proposal in a two-stage selection process. The first stage of the process assessed the eligibility of each applicant and whether their application was compliant. The second stage involved a programmatic evaluation of the merits of the proposal, the project activities and project budget.

In accordance with the Pooled Fund project agreement, a competitive call for proposals was posted in English, French and Spanish on the UNGM website from 7 December 2018 until 8 February 2019. UNOPS received a total of 31 applications. Seven applications were immediately disqualified by the Evaluation Committee, a further four applications were found to be ineligible at the evaluation stage and one application failed. A total of 19 applicants passed the threshold for technical compliance.

The CFP was advertised by the SUN Movement through the SUN Movement Secretariat’s communication channels, that is, on its website, on social media and through a direct email campaign. The SUN Movement Civil Society Network Steering Committee also advertised the CFP through its own social media accounts, in newsletters and through a direct email campaign in order to solicit as many eligible applications as possible.

UNOPS, the SUN Movement Secretariat, the SUN Civil Society Network, and the SUN Donor Network all supported the solicitation process.

A total of 19 applicants passed the threshold for technical compliance, which was set at 72 points (out of a maximum of 120 points), or 60%.