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25th SUN Country Network Meeting

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ThematicInformation systems for nutrition: data collection, analysis and reporting

12 to 16 December 2016.

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National information systems for nutrition are essential to assess the status quo and to measure changes in the nutritional status of populations; to track progress of actions taken to improve nutrition, and; to prioritise efforts toward improving nutrition for all. An accurate assessment of the nutrition situation allows governments and their partners to make evidence-based decisions with regards to nutrition policy and programme development. Additionally, having reliable data allows for a better understanding of nutrition needs and programme reach, which can be seen as key for improved collaboration and efficiency amongst various stakeholders.

The thematic discussion of the meeting focused on country experiences on Information systems for nutrition, from data collection, analysis to reporting. The teleconference began with country presentations, and was followed by each country on the call reflecting upon the following guiding questions:

  • Is there a recognised lead actor in coordinating the work on data and accountability for nutrition?
  • If so, how did the lead actor ensure an initial alignment across actors along the data value chain – from defining the types of data to be used, where and how to access it, and how to analyse and interpret it? Examples could include agreeing on common results, developing the M&E Framework, doing a stakeholder mapping, identifying key questions, etc.
  • Looking at the data value chain below, can you identify what were the three largest gaps in terms of data collection, accessibility and use, and how you were able to overcome each specific gap, in your experience? Please give examples.
  • What recommendations do you have for other countries going through the same process? In particular, how are you able to maintain the alignment across actors and ensure their continued interest?
  • What are the main priorities for this work in 2017?

Key documents

Concept note: English | Français | Español

A summary of the meetings will be uploaded here in due course.

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