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Implementing effective nutrition actions aligned with common results and national goals

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Download the guidance note: English | Français | Español

From 13 and 23 March 2017, the 26th series of SUN Country Network Meetings took place, organised by the SUN Movement Secretariat and chaired by the SUN Movement Coordinator, Ms. Gerda Verburg.

Since countries are at different stages, and therefore face different challenges, discussions were tailored to address:

  • Challenges and bottlenecks encountered when developing a CRF and how actors in the SUN Movement (from the SUN Networks, SUN Secretariat and technical assistance providers) can support.
  • For those countries that have a CRF, the discussion will focus on how they moved forward from the agreed plan to the implementation phase; how the monitoring of aligned actions at both national and sub-national levels has progressed; and how the development of the CRF has helped to mobilise resources for nutrition.
  • For those countries who have been implementing and monitoring their CRF for some years, the discussion will focus on how they are learning from past experiences to ensure quality and to achieve impact as well as how new challenges are being addressed (e.g. the multiple forms of malnutrition such as overweight and obesity).

Download the guidance note: English | Français | Español

Download a summary of the calls: English | Français

As part of its knowledge management support to the SUN Movement, ENN produced a series of case studies about countries, which were at different stages of developing CRFs in 2015. The MQSUN Consortium have also produced a guidance note for developing a CRF based on their experience in working with SUN Countries.

Building on these elements, a checklist on the criteria and characteristics of ‘good’ national nutrition plans has been released for discussion with policy makers in national planning bodies, line ministries and with nutrition stakeholders involved in planning processes. The aim of this Checklist is to assist with the systematic review of existing planning documents as well as to provide guidance for the development of new ones.

Visit the Share & Learn portal on Aligning and costing nutrition actions to learn more about the Common Results Framework.


Thanks to ENN for developing podcasts on each stage of the CRF process. Tui Swinnen speaks to Tamsin Walters about planning, implementation and evaluation. Each podcast is also accompanied by an interview with an in-country stakeholder from a SUN Country.

Planning and development


Evaluation and strengthening

(transcript in français and español)

(transcript in français and español)

(transcript in français and español)

Niger’s experience

(transcript of the interview in English)

Dr Nassirou Ousmane is the Director of Nutrition at the Ministry of Health and the SUN Focal Point for Niger. In this video, Dr Ousmane discusses the progress made towards elaborating and costing the Nigerien national plan for nutrition.

Nepal’s experience

Savita Malla is an Advocacy and Communication Specialist based within the National Nutrition and Food Security Secretariat (NNFSS) in Kathmandu, Nepal. In this video Savita discusses the national nutrition plan implementation and roll out in Nepal.

Peru’s experience

Maria Rosa Boggio is a consultant in child nutrition based in Peru. Maria Rosa worked closely with the Roundtable on Poverty Reduction in country. In this video, Maria Rosa discusses the significant progress that has been made towards reducing malnutrition in Peru.