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When a SUN Country joins the SUN Movement, they are encouraged to nominate a high-level individual who is well placed to unite the nutrition community to be the SUN Government Focal Point. Many SUN Countries have SUN Government Focal Points who are the leaders in challenging cross sectoral and multi-stakeholder environments. They are often at the forefront of elevating nutrition up the national agenda.

The increasingly inter-connected network of SUN Government Focal Points, supported by their multi-stakeholder platforms, is a core reason why the SUN Movement continues to grow as a unique Movement, capable of mobilising for results across all sectors.

H.E Arsalai Sahib, Director General of the council of Ministers Secretariat
Mr. Md. Habibur Rahman Khan, Additional Secretary (Public Health & World Health) - Health Services Division - Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Roch L. Mongbo, Secrétaire Permanent du Conseil National de l'Alimentation et de la Nutrition
Dr. John C. Moreki, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Technical Services, Ministry of Agriculture
Burkina Faso
Ella Compaoré, Secretariat Technique à L’alimentaion et à la Nutrition, Ministère de la Santé
Dr. Célestin Sibomana, Permanent Secretary of the Multistakeholder Platform for Food Security and Nutrition
Silo Sok, Deputy Secretary General Council for Agricultural and Rural Development
NGO SAK Cécile Patricia, Sub-Director for Food and Nutrition, Ministry of Public Health
Central African Republic
Dr Bernard Boua, General Director of Public Health, Ministry of Health (Temporary Focal Point)
Dr. Mahamat Bechir, Director, Direction de la Nutrition et de la Technologie Alimentaire (DNTA)
Thamra Kamar, Directrice de la santé familiale, ministère de la Santé
Jean-Baptiste ONDAYE, Secrétaire général de la présidence de la RépubliqueFranck Corneille MAMPOUYA-M'BAMA, Conseiller du SGPR Cabinet du Chef de l'Etat (Technical Focal Point)
Costa Rica
Cecilia Gamboa, Director of Strategic Planning and Evaluation of Health Interventions Ministry of Health
Côte d'Ivoire
Emmanuel Koffi Ahoutou, Special Advisor Prime Minister's OfficePatricia Ngoran Theckly - Technical Focal Point, Coordinator National Nutrition Program
El Salvador
Daysi de Marquez, Executive Director, CONASAN (National Council on Food Security and Nutrition)
Rejoice NKAMBULE, Director of Health Services, Ministry of Health
Dr. Ferew Lemma, Senior Advisor, Office of the First Lady, and Federal Ministry of Health
Huges N'GOSSO, National Coordinator for Nutritional Policy,
Agyeman Badu Akosa, Profressor National Development and Planning Commission (under the Vice President's office)
Maritza Méndez de Oliva, Secretary of SESAN (Secretary of Food Security and Nutrition)
Dr. Dieney Fadima KABA, National Director of Family Health and Nutrition
Dra. Isabel Maria Garcia de Almeida,
Joseline Marhone Pierre, Director of Nutrition Ministry of Health and Population
Subandi Sardjoko, Deputy Minister for Human Development, Society, and Cultural Affairs, Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas)
Gladys Mugambi, Director of Nutrition in the Ministry of Health and SUN Government Focal Point
Minister Choduev Erkinbeck Uraimovi Choduev Erkinbek, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Food Industry and Melioration
Chandavone PHOXAY, Deputy Director-General, Hygiene-Health Promotion
Tiisetso Elias, Regional Food and Nutrition Coordinating Oĸcer (RFNCO), The Food and Nutrition Coordinating Office (FNCO), Prime Minister's Office
Mameni Linga Morlai,, Ministry of Health, Nutrition Division
Lucie SOLOFONIRINA, National Coordinator of the National Nutrition Office
Felix Pensulo Phiri, Director of Nutrition, Department of Nutrition, HIV and AIDS, Ministry of Health
Djibril BAGAYOKO, Chef de la Cellule de Coordination de la Nutrition
Abbas Sylla,, Directeur Général des Politiques et Stratégies de Développement, Ministère de l’Économie et des Finances
Dr. Soe Oo,, Director General (acting), Department of Public Health Ministry of Health and Sports
Ms. Marjorie Van Wyk, Head of the Food and Nutrition Sub-Division Directorate of Primary Health Care, Ministry of Health and Social Services
Dr. Kiran Rupakheti,, Division Chief/ Joint Secretary, Good Governance and Social Development Division, National Planning Commission
Dr. Nassirou Ousmane, Director of Nutrition, Ministry of Health
Dr. Chris Osa Isokpunwu, Deputy Director and Head of Nutrition Division Federal Ministry of Health
Muhammad Aslam Shaheen, Chief of Nutrition, Planning and Development Division, Planning Commission, Ministry of Planning Development & Reform
Papua New Guinea
Mr. Otto Tean, Nutrition Program Management Unit - Department of National Planning and MonitoringMs. Ellen Dogimab, National Nutrition Technical Advisor - National Department of Health (NDOH)
Ariela Luna, Vice Minister of Policy and Social Evaluation - Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion
Maria-Bernardita T. Flores,, Assistant Secretary of Health, Executive Director IV, National Nutrition Council
Mr Alexis Mucumbitsi, Head of Nutrition and Hygiene Department, National Early Childhood Care and Development Program (NECDP), Ministry of Gender and Family promotion
Abdoulaye Ka, National Coordinator of the Fight Against Malnutrition Unit (CLM - Cellule de Lutte contre la Malnutrition under the Prime Minister's Office)
Sierra Leone
Aminata Shamit Koroma, Director of Food and Nutrition, Directorate of Food and Nutrition, Ministry of Health and SanitationMohamed Foh, SUN Coordinator in the Office of the Vice-President
Mohamed Abdi Farah, Adviser on Social sector for the Prime Minister, and the SUN Focal point for Somalia
South Sudan
Dr. Makur M. Kariom, Undersecretary, Ministry of Health
Sri Lanka
Mr. Nalaka Kaluwewe, Additional Secretary, Presidential Secretariat
Dr. Umarzoda Saida Gayrat, First Deputy Minister and National SUN Coordinator, Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Population
Joseph S. Kiraiya, Acting Director of Coordination of Government Business at the Prime Minister’s Office
The Gambia
Modou Cheyassin Phall, Executive Director National Nutrition Agency
Dr Bouraima Mouawiyatou, Chief of the nutrition department in the Ministry of Health in Togo
Maureen Bakunzi, Assistant Commissioner for Policy Implementation and Coordination Office of the Prime Minister
Viet Nam
Le Danh TUYEN, Director, National Institute of Nutrition, Ministry of Health
Dr. Mutahar Al-Abbasi, Vice Minister Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation - MOPIC
Mr. Musonda Mofu - ad interim, Deputy Executive Director at the National Food and Nutrition Commission
George KEMBO, Director, National Food and Nutrition CouncilTatenda MAFUNGO, Assistant IPO, National Food and Nutrition Council (Technical Focal Point)