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As SUN Countries are striving towards achieving the four strategic objectives of the SUN Movement, they are bringing people together to illuminate the importance of nutrition as a universal agenda. It is a multi-faceted challenge which requires partnerships driven by passionate leadership at the highest levels.

Four SUN Networks and the SUN Movement Secretariat are driven by the needs of SUN Countries and organise support with guidance from the SUN Movement’s stewardship arrangements.

SUN Networks

Each SUN Network is coordinated at the global level by a Network Facilitator and various leadership and coordination arrangements. Their primary objective is to mobilise and align efforts globally and regionally to scale up efforts in country. Click on each SUN Network below to learn more about the Network.

Click on each SUN Network below to learn more about the Network.

SUN Networks

SUN Civil Society Network SUN Business Network SUN Donor Netork UN Network for SUN

SUN Movement Secretariat

The SUN Movement Secretariat liaises with SUN Countries and collects information about how they are making progress towards the four strategic objectives. The SUN Movement Secretariat works to foster the sharing and learning of experiences across the Movement between SUN Countries and SUN Networks.

Learn more about the SUN Movement Secretariat

SUN Movement stewardship arrangements

Stewardship of the SUN Movement is enabled by the United Nations Secretary-General nominations of a SUN Movement Coordinator and of members of a SUN Movement Lead Group. This is further strengthened with the support of a SUN Movement Executive Committee.