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The 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) is taking place from 31 October to 12 November 2021 in Glasgow, United Kingdom. Food systems are a major driver of climate change, and climate change has very severe impacts on food systems around the world – disrupting livelihoods, causing food insecurity, exacerbating malnutrition and non-communicable diseases (NCDs). 

Our call to action!

A multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder approach to nutrition must be front and centre in food systems transformation. Transforming our food systems is a fundamental step towards achieving the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and sustainable healthy diets are a key driver towards transformation, linking human and planetary health.

Nutrition in the spotlight

The SUN Movement will be in Glasgow, to contribute to ensuring nutrition is part and parcel of climate change policies.


Gerda Verburg:

The importance of COP26 – Linking global climate change and nutrition efforts


A SUN Movement, SUN Civil Society and Action Against Hunger #COP26 side-event

Water, nutrition and climate change: how can we act across sectors? 

Tuesday 9 November at 16:00 GMT

Learn more: Water for Climate


Learn more about SUN countries’ and actors’ ground-breaking solutions to invest in nutrition for climate and food systems transformations

Global Youth Call on COP26 to Make Food a Focus

Friday 5 November (14:00 GMT)

Young people understand the role food plays in affecting our planetary health. They understand that food accounts for 30% of GHGEs. At this event, organised by WWF, the Food Foundation, the Act4Food Initiative, youth will speak to decision-makers about pressing food systems issues and discuss how they can work together to make food a focus at future COPs.

Learn more: The Food Foundation

No ‘Net Zero’ Without Nature

Saturday 6 November (13:00 GMT)

Join this high-level panel discussion for the launch of a new report from the Food and Land Use coalition (FOLU), analysing NDCs from a land use and nature perspective. Panellists will discuss how to move nature, food and land use to the core of the global climate agenda. They will also explore how to urgently drive policy action toward “real” net zero in all countries, whilst empowering local actors to leverage results.
Learn more: Food and Land Use coalition

For tackling climate, environmental, nutrition and health challenges, we shall all meet at the table

Tuesday 9 November (11:15 GMT)

UN Nutrition members WFP and WHO, and the Government of Switzerland are organizing the hybrid event aimed at raising awareness among negotiators on the crucial linkages between nutrition, health, food systems, and climate change and the OneHealth approach to tackle them. Prof. Jessica Fanzo from Johns Hopkins University will deliver a keynote address on the need for an urgent shift to sustainable healthy diets for climate, planet, and humanity, followed by a panel discussion with country representatives (including Switzerland, Guyana and Costa Rica) on how to put nutrition at the heart of climate negotiations. The event will close with a final call for action by H.R.H. Princess Sarah Zeid of Jordan.

Learn more: UN Nutrition

Securing land and natural resources to underpin agro-ecological adaptation strategies

Saturday 6 November (11:30 GMT)

Secure and equitable access to land and natural resources is a key factor underpinning the adoption of agroecology throughout the developing world.
The event aims at creating a dialogue around the nexus between tenure, agroecology and climate adaptation, building synergies and avenues for alliances between different stakeholders.

Learn more: Bios | Webcast 

Accelerating the Transition to Sustainable Food Systems – Progress Since COP25

Tuesday 9 November (10:30 GMT)

This event is co-organised by EAT and the UNFCCC Secretariat to share knowledge and innovative solutions for shifting to healthy diets from sustainable food systems; build awareness around the climate-food-health nexus, including the important roles of biodiversity; share about the progress made through the UN Food Systems Summit; highlight key areas of action moving forward; and to encourage reflection about our relationship with food, our food choices, and their impacts on the health of people and planet. Gerda Verburg, SUN Movement Coordinator will moderate.

Learn more: Registration page

Water, nutrition and climate change: how can we act across sectors?

Tuesday 9 November (16:00 GMT)

Join the SUN Movement, the SUN Civil Society Network and Action Against Hunger for an important COP26 side event, where we will be talking about linkages between water, nutrition and climate change. Greater coordination efforts between stakeholders involved in the fields of climate change, biodiversity, water, food systems, food security and nutrition is critically needed in global events such as COP26, but also in Biodiversity COPs, Ocean Conferences and future UN Food Systems and Nutrition for Growth Summits.  Gerda Verburg, SUN Movement Coordinator, will moderate the session.

Learn more: Water Pavilion at COP26

Speak up and out for change!

Join us at COP26 to highlight key linkages between climate change and nutrition and speak up and out for how a multi-stakeholder approach is needed if we are to tackle these problems head on.

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