On 3 December 2013, the Union of the Comoros joined the SUN Movement with a letter of commitment from HE Ikililou Dhoinine, the President of Comoros. At the time, the Government of Comoros had developed a national policy on food and nutrition that was awaiting adoption by the National Assembly.

Strategic Processes for Scaling Up Nutrition

The Comoros joined the SUN Movement in December 2013. The Director of Family Health in the Vice-Presidency in charge of the Ministry of Health, Solidarity, Social Cohesion and Gender Promotion, was appointed National Coordinator for SUN by the Vice President in charge of Health.

An exploratory REACH mission provided the opportunity to reflect on the setting up of the multi-sector coordination mechanism for nutrition governance. A multi-sector interim committee on good nutrition governance has been established, with two key missions as their terms of reference: the setting up of a multi-sector platform and the launch of the SUN Movement. This interim committee is chaired by the representative of civil society, the President of the Comorian Consumer Federation (CCF), and co-chaired by the SUN focal point. It is composed of representatives from several ministries: the Ministry of Health, solidarity, social cohesion and gender promotion; the Ministry of Agriculture and production; the Ministry of Education; the Ministry of Commerce; the Ministry of Employment, Labor, Vocational Training and Women’s Entrepreneurship. Also participating are the French Planning Authorities (Commissariat Général au Plan), the National Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and the Environment (INRAPE), UNICEF, WHO and UNFPA.

The meetings are convened jointly by the Chairman of the Provisional Committee and the SUN focal point. For the moment, the role of the secretariat is carried out by the Directorate of Family Health. This interim committee meets weekly. During this transition period, the Interim Committee reports to His Excellency the Vice-President in charge of the Ministry of Health, solidarity, social cohesion and gender promotion.

The process of setting up the governmental body is under way and the focal points of various ministerial departments are in the process of being identified. UNDAF, which is currently being finalized, will take nutrition governance aspects into account in its action plan.

Routine nutrition activities are supported by the UNICEF, FAO, WFP and WHO. Advocacy and lobbying is being conducted with the private sector for its integration into the platform and the designation of focal points at the University of Comoros. A focal point has already been identified at the National Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment (INRAPE).

Find support for dialogue on multi-sector indicators for nutrition and improve the collection of nutritional data taking into account the fact that multi-sectoral approach is a high expectation of the Union of Comoros vis-à-vis the SUN Movement.

Mobilizing resources for the national nutrition governance plan in the Comoros is a priority for 2014. Therefore, when the multi-sector platform is operational, an exceptional budget allocation will be made available in 2014 on the understanding that a budget line will be included from 2015.

Last updated: September 2014

Key Figures

Low Birth Weight N/A
0-5 Months Exclusive Breastfeeding 12.1%
Under Five Stunting 32.1%
Under Five Wasting 11.1%
Under Five Overweight 10.9%


 Country Statistics

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SUN Government Focal Point

  • Docteur Abdallah Ahmadi
  • Ministry of Health, Solidarity, Social Cohesion, Gender Promotion in the office of the Vice President

Donor Conveners

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