• When children are
    • properly nourished
    • they can grow up
    • to be healthy
    • and productive.
    • When children are
    • healthy and productive
    • their families, communities,
    • and countries
    • become stronger.
    • That’s why countries
    • around the world have
    • committed to making
    • nutrition a priority.
    • And why global
    • partners are working
    • together to support
    • the efforts of
    • the countries.
    • Together, we can achieve
    • what no single effort could,
    • and make the world a healthier,
    • stronger place for us all.
Shaping the future of the SUN Movement

Following the Independent Comprehensive Evaluation of the SUN Movement and the visioning discussion by the Lead Group Task Team in Tanzania, the SUN Movement Lead Group is gathering to discuss the future of the SUN Movement. An opinion piece by the SUN Movement Coordinator ad interim, Tom Arnold, reflects on the process so far and the journey ahead. Read: Paving the way forward for SUN – A letter from Tom Arnold

Scaling Up Nutrition in Practice

in_practice3_coverThis series presents the real-life experience of SUN countries. The third edition focuses on Social Mobilization, Advocacy and Communication for Nutrition in a sub-set of SUN countries. Other themes related to the four strategic processes being put in place by SUN countries to improve nutrition will be covered in coming editions.
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Scaling Up Nutrition in Outline

In_Outline_2_enThis series describes the arrangements and work of different elements of the SUN Movement. This first edition is a general introduction to the Movement. Subsequent editions will focus on each of the four global support networks.

Civil Society Network: English


Country Progress
  • On 15th May 2015, an Academia and Research Network launched to help combat the issue of malnutrition in Pakistan. The Planning Commission of Pakistan jointly organised the seminar titled ‘Establishment of SUN Academia and Research Network’ with funding and support from the Micronutrient Initiative (MI). Participants at the event included Vice chancellors, senior faculty members…

  • On 13th May 2015, the launch of the Cost of Hunger in Malawi highlighted the overwhelming $600 million loss every year, as a result of child undernutrition. The study, which was commissioned by the African Union and supported by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and the World Food programme, confirms the magnitude of…

  • On 18th May 2015, David Nabarro, Special Envoy on Ebola and Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Food Security and Nutrition, was honored with the 2015 Helen Keller Humanitarian Award at The Spirit of Helen Keller Gala. The award was in recognition of his efforts to position malnutrition as a central issue within the development…

  • The Emergency Nutrition Network (ENN) is calling for content for their 51st Issue of Field Exchange. This edition will be published December 2015 and focus specifically on nutrition sensitive programming and related policy and research. The purpose of this issue if to bring together lessons learned and identify where knowledge gaps may exist in developing and implementing nutrition…


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