UPDATE: 3 October 2012

Launch of National SUN Movement

The Government of Madagascar officially launched the national SUN Movement on 12 September and presented its road map for implementation. “The challenge is enormous for the ONN, which today supports the SUN Madagascar Movement,” said Prime Minister Omer Beriziky. “The ONN assumes the multisectoral coordination of nutrition interventions. It must be able to rely fully on all stakeholders in the nutrition sector. Today is the kickoff of a mobilization of all stakeholders in nutrition.” READ MORE ▶

Madagascar signaled its commitment to join the SUN Movement on 28 February 2012.

Placed under the supervision of the Prime Minister, the National Nutrition Council – Madagascar’s multi-stakeholder platform for nutrition – includes representatives from a wide cross-section of sectors. The National Nutrition Council (NNC) is responsible for ensuring the effective implementation of the National Nutrition Policy (PNN) and the National Action Plan for Nutrition (PNAN II), which is the country’s common results framework for nutrition. Efforts are currently underway to ensure that the multi-sectoral, multi-stakeholder dialogue is robust and inclusive as well as decentralising the NNC to reach all 22 regions.

The country is also focusing efforts to address the underlying causes of malnutrition, including ensuring that the empowerment of women is a key element to all scaling up nutrition activities. Further, as there are three to four cyclones each year causing destruction of key agriculture infrastructure, the Ministry of Environment is engaging with the SUN Movement to ensure the links between nutrition and climate change are understood.

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    Priorities & Opportunities

    Priorities for scaling up nutrition include mobilising policy makers and ministries to integrate nutrition into their development programmes; ensuring cross sector coordination on nutrition; and mobilising resources for the implementation of the National Nutrition Policy and National Action Plan for Nutrition.


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    Progress & Impact

    The government is committed to advancing progress on scaling up nutrition through a strong multi-sectoral approach with the National Nutrition Council leading efforts to ensure effective implementation of the National Nutrition Policy (PNN) and National Action Plan for Nutrition (PANAN II).


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    Among children under five years in Madagascar, 48.5% are stunted, 15.2% are wasted, while 6.2% are overweight; and 12.7% of infants are born with low birth weight.


Photo Credits (left to right): © UNICEF/Pirozzi (1,3); © UNICEF/Steven (2)
Data Source: Demographic and Health Survey for Madagascar, 2008-2009

"Increasing the effective nutrition interventions and large-scale fight against malnutrition, especially pregnant and lactating women and children under two years."

His Excellency Jean Omer Beriziky, Prime Minister of Madagascar

SUN Government Focal Point

Jean François

National Coordinator of the National Nutrition Office (ONN)

Donor Convener