On 28 February 2012, Republic of Madagascar joined the SUN Movement with a letter of commitment from Jean François, the National Coordinator for the Office of National Nutrition. At the time, Madagascar had identified nutrition as one the priority areas in their development strategies against poverty, in particular, within the “Document des Stratégies pour la Réduction de la Pauvreté” (DSRP) and the “Madagascar Action Plan” (MAP). The Conseil National de Nutrition (CNN) had also been established and was coordinating the “Politique National de Nutrition” (2005 – 2015).

Strategic Processes for Scaling Up Nutrition

The National Nutrition Council is a multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder platform for nutrition which reports to the Prime Minister’s office and consists of several ministries and members of parliament. The National Nutrition Council coordinates the national nutrition policy (PNN), its implementation and that of the national action plan for nutrition, in collaboration with the sectoral ministries and United Nations agencies. It also supervises the National Nutrition Office (ONN), which reports to the Prime Minister’s cabinet, to ensure multi-sector and multi-stakeholder coordination.

The National Nutrition Council has been decentralized in all regions of Madagascar. A number of platforms have been set up: in addition to the government platform, the civil society platform (HINA) is operational, as is the UN platform and the platform for the technical and research community. The private sector platform is in the process of validating its terms of reference. There are frequent communications and exchanges between these networks but these have not yet been institutionalized.

Last updated: September 2014

PNAN II covers the period 2012-2015 and is currently being implemented. The common results framework accompanied by an implementation plan was developed from the monitoring and evaluation plan (MEP) of PNAN II. The monitoring and evaluation framework was drawn up and approved in the form of collegial implementation management with ONN as project leader. However, regional monitoring and evaluation groups are not operational due to a lack of financing. PNAN II includes five strategic priorities: preventing and managing malnutrition, improving food and nutrition security and effective coordination on nutrition.

Last updated: September 2014

PNAN has been costed and budgeted. Gaps in funding have been estimated, revealing that nutrition funding is well below the level deemed necessary to achieve the objectives of PNAN II. Budgetary assessments are being carried out to monitor spending. Nutrition in Madagascar was included in the Finance Act and is supported by a State budget line and the Public Investment Program (PIP) but the socio-political crisis is complicating internal and external financial mobilization.

Last updated: September 2014

Key Figures

Low Birth Weight 12.7%
0-5 Months Exclusive Breastfeeding 50.7%
Under Five Stunting 49.2%
Under Five Wasting 0.0%
Under Five Overweight 0.0%


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"I hope to bring the best of myself in this noble task of fighting against malnutrition. This is everyone's business and I appeal to all sectors, state and non-state, private sector and civil society, to join hands to solve this problem of malnutrition. Let us work together for a better future for our children!"

Holy Malala Raobelina - SUN Focal Point

SUN Government Focal Point

  • Holy Malala Raobelina
  • National Coordinator of the National Nutrition Office (ONN)

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