On the 31 August 2011, the Republic of Mozambique joined the SUN Movement with a letter of commitment from Dr. Nazira Carimo Vali Abdula, the Vice Minister of Health. At the time, Mozambique had included the reduction of chronic undernutrition in the objectives and priorities of the Governments Five Year Plan (2010 – 2014) and the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (2011 – 2014) where chronic malnutrition is identified as an impact indicator. Mozambique had also adopted the “Multi-sectoral Action Plan for the Reduction of Chronic Undernutrition” which is coordinated with a multi-sectoral approach coordinated by the Technical Secretariat for Food and Nutrition Security (SETSAN) and a Nutrition Partners Forum that coordinates support to the government.

Strategic Processes for Scaling Up Nutrition

The Technical Secretariat for Food and Nutrition Security (SETSAN) is the coordinating body for nutrition under the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security. The Technical Working Group of the national Multi-sectoral Action Plan to Reduce Chronic Undernutrition (PAMRDC) is the coordination mechanism under SETSAN through which relevant line ministries are engaged, including health, agriculture, gender, child and social action and education.

Technical Groups have been created at provincial level (8 out of 11 provinces) and the remaining to be approved shortly.

Networks of different stakeholder groups work in close coordination with the SETSAN. The Civil Society Platform (SCP) is coordinated by the Association for Food and Nutrition Security (ANSA) and Helen Keller International (HKI) with networks established in three main regions in the country. The Nutrition Partner Forum (NPF) is composed of donor and United Nations (UN) agencies and is chaired by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and co-chaired by Irish Aid. UN REACH brings together UN agencies to support the implementation of the PAMRDC. The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition and the World Food Programme are facilitating the set-up of a Business Network.

In addition to the networks, Mozambique has identified Nutrition Champions including the First Lady, the Ministers of Agriculture and Food Security and Health, musicians, singers, religious leaders and representatives from civil society and private sector.

Last updated: October 2015

The PAMRDC is the Common Results Framework for nutrition that was built to take into account the policies and strategies adopted in the country. The Monitoring and Evaluation framework of this CRF was revised in 2014. PAMRDC has been implemented in six of the eleven provinces of Mozambique. An indicator assessment framework exists to evaluate progress of PAMRDC implementation annually. The reports are submitted by SETSAN to the Council of Ministers and result in concrete recommendations to be implemented by each sector.

In-country nutrition stakeholders are aligned with the Government´s priorities. Members of the SCP and the Business Network align their plans with PAMRDC.

Last updated: October 2015

Most nutrition actions across sectors are financed by sector budgets but the identification nutrition relates costs remains a challenge. The PAMRDC was costed in 2010 but SETSAN believes it has the capacity to intensify ongoing efforts to reach more ambitious goals in financial tracking and mobilisation.

Transparency is enabled by the fact that most funds for nutrition, whether from government or partners, are channelled through the Public Finance System (e-SISTAFE). This allows better viewing of where funds are allocated.

A multi-stakeholder group has been established for planning and budgeting of food and nutrition security at the central level (GT-POSAN). This group is led by SETSAN with support from the Ministry of Economy and Finance. Work is ongoing to identify long term availability of external financing and to ensure availability of domestic funding within each sector in order to support the scale up of nutrition interventions.

Last updated: October 2015

Key Figures

Under Five Stunting 43.1%
Low Birth Weight 16.0%
0-5 Months Exclusive Breastfeeding 42.8%
Under Five Wasting 6.1%
Under Five Overweight 7.9%
Woman Anaemia 15-49 years 44.2%

"Mozambique enjoys the conditions to attain food and nutrition security and with better use of resources, hunger will not prevail."

H.E. Armando Guebuza, SUN Lead Group member

SUN Government Focal Point

  • Marcela Libombo
  • National Coordinator of the Technical Secretariat for Food and Nutrition Security (SETSAN)

Donor Conveners

  • Denmark
UPDATE: 15 January 2013

Funding to Support Civil Society in Mozambique

The civil society platform in Mozambique has been awarded $428,000 through the SUN Multi-Partner Trust Fund to strengthen scaling up nutrition. The platform will work with relevant government sectors to ensure that necessary resources are mobilized and allocated for cross-sector implementation of the Action Plan and other nutrition interventions.