UPDATE: 15 January 2013

Funding to Support Civil Society in Mozambique

The civil society platform in Mozambique has been awarded $428,000 through the SUN Multi-Partner Trust Fund to strengthen scaling up nutrition. The platform will work with relevant government sectors to ensure that necessary resources are mobilized and allocated for cross-sector implementation of the Action Plan and other nutrition interventions.

Mozambique signaled its commitment to join the SUN Movement on 31 August 2011.

With an overarching objective to reduce chronic malnutrition, Mozambique’s Multi-Sectoral Action Plan to Reduction Chronic Malnutrition (PAMRDC) provides a common results framework for nutrition action. The PAMRDC identifies critical target groups, sets out seven Strategic Objectives, outlines specific interventions as well as key progress indicators and identifies which institutions will assume primary responsibility for achieving results. Among the biggest challenges for translating the multi-sectoral plan into improved nutrition outcomes is the need to decentralise and extend the plan to provincial and district levels. The Danish International Development Agency, European Union and the World Bank will provide support to the country in this process.

Mozambique has set up a multi-sector, multi-stakeholder techincal group to coordinate implementation of, and alignment with the PAMRDC. Members of this platform include ministries carrying out nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive programmes, United Nations agencies, donors and civil society organisations.

In line with the priority interventions identified in the Multi-Sectoral Action Plan, the Nutrition Department in the Ministry of Health is implementing large-scale supplementation programmes including vitamin A supplementation for 6-59 months old children (along with deworming) and iron/folic acid supplementation for pregnant and postpartum women. There are also programmes for the treatment of acute malnutrition and optimisation of infant and young child feeding practices, as well as large-scale fortification of wheat flour and edible oils.

The total cost for 2012 of the seven strategic objectives of the Multi-Sectoral Action Plan was around USD 60 million a year including supplementary feeding for around USD 26.4 million. Nutrition funding in Mozambique is currently channeled through sector-specific budgets and vertical funding arrangements. However, for the future a common fund for nutrition is envisaged under the Ministry of Finance. Donor partners such as Danish International Development Agency have already committed to contribute to this common fund. Mozambique requires additional technical support to define nutrition funding and track each sector within the Multi-Sectoral Action Plan to Reduce Chronic Malnutrition.

In July 2012, Mozambique hosted the 9th Summit Meeting of the Heads of State of the Community of Lusophone Countries (CPLP) with a special focus on food and nutrition security. During the meeting, the eight member states approved a regional strategy on food and nutrition security, which includes the creation of a Council on Food Security. Mozambique will serve as President of the CPLP for the next two years.

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    Priorities & Opportunities

    Priorities for scaling up nutrition include establishing provincial nutrition action plans, securing political coordination at the highest level and attaining harmonised and equitable financial commitments to nutrition.


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    Progress & Impact

    The Multi-Sectoral Action Plan to Reduction Chronic Malnutrition (PAMRDC) provides a common results framework for nutrition action in Mozambique, and the Nutrition Department in the Ministry of Health is implementing large-scale programs in line with the priority interventions identified in the Action Plan.


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    Among children under five years in Mozambique, 42% are stunted, 5.9% are wasted, while 7.4% are overweight; and 16% of infants are born with low birth weight.


Photo Credits: © Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Data Source: Demographic and Health Survey for Mozambique, 2011

"Mozambique enjoys the conditions to attain food and nutrition security and with better use of resources, hunger will not prevail."

H.E. Armando Guebuza, SUN Lead Group member

SUN Government Focal Point

Marcela Libombo
National Coordinator of the Technical Secretariat for Food and Nutrition Security (SETSAN)

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