Rwanda signaled its commitment to join the SUN Movement on 22 December 2011.

The Government of Rwanda has displayed ongoing commitment to improving nutrition. A Presidential initiative to address malnutrition was launched in April 2009 and was followed by the First National Nutrition Summit in November 2009. The government has also set up various convening bodies for nutrition, including multi-sectoral nutrition committees which are established at central and local levels bringing together mayors, district directors of health, nutritionists, agronomists and officers from social protection, veterinary, hygiene and sanitation sectors.

The Ministry of Health is mandated to provide overall coordination for implementing the National Multi-sectoral Strategy to Eliminate Malnutrition (2010-2013) and a comprehensive joint action plan to fight malnutrition under the Office of the Prime Minister provides a common results framework for nutrition. The action plan takes a multi-sectoral approach incorporating nutrition-specific interventions with nutrition-sensitive actions in six community-led sectors including infant and young child feeding, home fortification, growth monitoring and promotion, screening and treatment of acute malnutrition, nutrition support for HIV/AIDS, nutrition integration into agriculture and links with cooperatives. The plan is being implemented throughout the country and has a monitoring and evaluation element. Multi-sectoral District Plans to Eliminate Malnutrition are also being implemented in all districts.

The Government of Rwanda has signed a memorandum of understanding with the European Union for USD 10 million to support nutrition over the next three years. Various partners are also leveraging funds from donors both in-country and outside and it is estimated that Rwanda may receive up to USD 12 million per year for nutrition over the next three years.

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    Priorities & Opportunities

    The government has renewed its resolve and commitment to advance progress on scaling up nutrition through a strong multi-sectoral approach.


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    Progress & Impact

    Governments of SUN Countries are putting four processes into place to scale up nutrition and are tracking impact towards achievement of outcomes.


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    Among children under five years in Rwanda, 44.1% are stunted, 2.8% are wasted, while 6.7% are overweight; and 6.2% of infants are born with low birth weight.


Photo Credits (left to right): © UNICEF/Pirozzi (1); © Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (2,3)
Data Source: Demographic and Health Survey for Rwanda, 2010

“Rwanda’s focus today is to sustain the momentum and the downward trend of further reductions in stunting and eventually to eliminate all forms of malnutrition.”

Dr. Agnes Binagwaho, Minister of Health, December 2011

SUN Government Focal Point

Fidele Ngabo
Director of Maternal and Child Health, Ministry of Health

Donor Convener