Photo: WFP/Heather Hill

Photo: WFP/Heather Hill

On 5 September 2013, the Republic of Tajikistan joined the SUN Movement with a letter of commitment from HE Nusratullo Salimov, the Minister of Health. At the time, Tajikistan had developed a number of laws and adopted strategic documents to improve on health, nutrition and food security since the time of its independence. Tajikistan had also established the Food Security Council of the Republic of Tajikistan (FSCT) to coordinate strategic decision making concerning food security for the country.

Strategic Processes for Scaling Up Nutrition

In Tajikistan, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Population (MoHSP) convenes a Multi-Sectoral Coordination Council (MSCC) to work at the policy level for nutrition. It was established in 2014 and is supported by a Technical Working Group. The MSCC and its working group include representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture; Economy, Trade and Development; Finance; and Industry and New Technology and the Institution of Nutrition. The United Nations Children’s Fund and the United States Agency for International Development act as Donor Conveners and ensure the active participation of development partners. Engagement of other actors including civil society and business is also underway. A successful one-day Scaling Up Nutrition meeting was organised in August 2014 in order to bring all the relevant stakeholders together, representatives from Nepal and Kyrgyzstan also attended the meeting and exchanged ideas and best practices.

Last updated: October 2015

Tajikistan engaged with MQSUN, through the SUN Movement Secretariat, to review the alignment of nutrition policies and plans and development of initial stakeholder mapping of nutrition activities in 2014. This was their first step toward the development of a Common Results Framework (CRF) to act as the multi-sectoral plan of action for improved nutrition. This was a comprehensive stock taking exercise to ensure the effective implementation of nutrition-specific programs based on a continual analysis of the program bottlenecks.

The first phase of preparatory work was completed in December 2014, which involved a desk review of all key documents and consultations with stakeholders. This resulted in clear recommendations with conceptual clarity and a road map toward the development of CRF.

MQSUN Phase II support for Tajikistan was confirmed after a delay due to contractual issues. This support includes the finalisation of a CRF and a review of the supporting multisectoral plans in line with existing policy frameworks.

A monitoring mechanism is in place with different degrees of intensity depending on the programs, particularly within the health sector. Progress of nutrition specific programs are reported quarterly whilst the mechanism to track and report on the implementation nutrition-sensitive interventions remains a challenge.

Last updated: October 2015

Tajikistan participated in the SUN Movement Budget Analysis Exercise to begin tracking nutrition relevant budget allocations in the national budget, this included participation from the Ministry of Finance. Tajikistan are now in the process of reporting on nutrition related financing to further engage with members of the MSCC to raise the profile of nutrition. This insight in addition to the CRF, when completed, will provide a strong basis to mobilise additional resources for nutrition.

Last updated: October 2015

Key Figures

Under Five Stunting 26.8%
Low Birth Weight 7.2%
0-5 Months Exclusive Breastfeeding 34.3%
Under Five Wasting 9.9%
Under Five Overweight 6.6%
Woman Anaemia 15-49 years 24.6%

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