Inger Ashing

Inger Ashing

Chief Executive Officer, Save the Children International
Save the Children International
Term date: since 2016


A well-respected child rights activist, Ms. Inger Ashing has been associated with Save the Children for more than 25 years. Since then, she has been a member of the Board of Save the Children International and Save the Children Sweden. Before her appointment as CEO of Save the Children International in September 2019, Inger served as Director General at the Swedish Agency against Segregation, within the Swedish government, where she worked to advance cooperation between the government, municipalities, corporations and organisations to increase knowledge and to promote the development of evidence-based methods.

She also served as the National Coordinator for Youth Not in Education or Employment for the Swedish Government, Deputy Director General of the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society and the CEO of the Global Child Forum. Inger is a member of the Ethics Council at The Swedish Migration Agency, a member of the Delegation for the Employment of Young People and Newly Arrived Migrants.

She has been an expert to and board member of numerous authorities and committees such as the Delegation for Human Rights, the Swedish National Knowledge Centre on Violence against Children, the Swedish Enforcement Authority, the National Board of Institutional Care, and the Monitoring Committee for The European Social Fund.

Inger is married and has three children.